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Seeking Life's Adventures

They're Out There!

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20 June
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I'm a writer aspiring to become an author--some days I not only aspire, but I actually work at it. I write fantasy and children's/young adult stories and books. My sweetheart Jeff and I have been convivants for nearly 30 years and share our home with either two or three dogs (depending on whether we currently have a foster, looking for a home!). I also attend an occasional auction or flea market--on frequent occasions.

Number 8 of 10 children, I grew up on a grain farm in North Dakota, and moved to Minneapolis, MN, in my mid-twenties. I've lived here in Mpls. for over 35 years. In the past I've: owned a bookstore; taught and performed belly dancing; installed and repaired computers and printers; learned to throw knife and tomahawk; counted, dispensed, and received money for a living ("bank teller" sounds so mundane); spent much time in science fiction fandom; written for and copyedited a fur trade era re-enacters' newspaper; worked in a clean room environment building computer chips; run archery trail walks; ridden, trained, and raced horses; and travelled the country cutting holes in/ripping out Kmart pharmacy counters.

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