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Seeking Life's Adventures

They're Out There!

Update Number Tres
SnowFace Cody
I realized that--although I showed you my work cube Hallowe'en decor--I failed to post pics of our little backyard display. It is very minimal compared to the stuff I used to do out front, when I started decorated at the end of September and planned for sitting at the firebowl in the front yard all of Hallowe'en evening. But, it made me smile when I came home from work in the evenings. MyJeff claims the same for when he returned home about 5 hours later each night.

The glowing-eyed creature at the top of the ramp is just our sweet Arrow, trying to fit in with the rest of the decor. I have No Idea what caused the little glow ball in the grassy foreground to the right of center. I also don't care to speculate on the bigger circular glow on the wall & back door of my house. (It might get annoyed to be talked about too much.) But ... see my little dragonfly lights in the left foreground? Two of the four I started with this Spring are still working like little champs. And my pansies were still quite fine until after Hallowe'en.

Don'tcha just love this clown? My stack o' jack o' lanterns has always been a staple of my decorating. This year, I didn't bother to dig out the barbie-esque dolls for them to be eating, though.

My summer project of moving the houseplants outside was much appreciated by said plants. Most of them grew well and spread and/or produced offshoots that needed potting on their own. Thus, I ended up with VERY FULL houseplant windows and tables and shelving. As I worked with potting and re-potting and such, I planned a craigslist ad to sell most of the extras or, perhaps, one little flea market appearance before the season closed......

Didn't happen.

So, I talked to several of my co-workers with whom I've managed to connect a little and found a few who were interested in taking in a plant or two. I still have about 3 to bring in to their new caretakers. I have a few photos from early autumn.

This little guy goes in today.

More greenery...Collapse )

One of my I'm-keeping-it Christmas cacti in my bay window has bloom buds arcing along one side. I've turned it so the other side can get better light and maybe produce blooms, as well. A few of the buds are on the verge of opening. I love the beautiful red of those blooms. Will try to remember to take photos and post when they're open.

May your day be filled with beauty and various types of Life to help you connect with and enjoy our home planet and all her children.

Okay...So I Did It Again
SnowFace Cody
I was looking at the "Matching Donations" list for GivetotheMax.org. Many are still live and will provide a doubling of any donations made through the website.

I found one called "Friends of Flicka" that works to help rescue dogs, especially Puppy Mill Dogs. This charity will receive matching funds for any and all of the donations they receive. Being a smallish, little known group, their goal was rather modest: $1000. They hadn't yet reached even $400 as of 1:45 on Saturday afternoon. So I gave them a little more.

And now, I'm asking if any of you would be able and willing to donate a few dollars to help them maybe reach half their goal, which would double--with the matching funds--and let them hit their full goal.

As a youngster, I watched the old television show "My Friend Flicka"--about a boy and his horse faithfully every Saturday morning. Imagine my delight in Junior High, to discover it was based on a novel of the same title! The first in a trilogy, at that!!! You better believe I read those books as fast as I could get my hands on them. And my first pony was named Flicka. So, the name of this group really caught my attention. I'm sure the Golden Retriever after whom the charity group named their organization was a sweet and loving dog. Goldens generally are, ya know!

If you can...please do...                givetothemax.org

Thanks for even thinking about it, my friends.

Take care. And may you have a most enjoyable weekend.

I Just Finished Donating to 4 Wonderful Causes at GiveMN.org!
SnowFace Cody

If you can't manage it today, bless you anyway. But ... if you can give a donation to any of the charities, action groups, and other humanitarian organizations that are out there--always struggling to make this a better world--please give it a try. And maybe let me know--if you do donate--what causes called most strongly to you. Now that MyJeff and I are both employed and receiving a steady, reasonable income, I've started adding a new cause to my list each year.

This year, I added the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital to my list. Last year, I added the Ruff Start Rescue group. I've been donating for a few years now to Second Harvest and to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. I always add in paying the financial fees, as well. This time around: $10.35 total. So I figure, I want my causes to RECEIVE ALL the money I send them. It's just a little quirk of mine.

Check out:          giveMN.org    Or any similar drive that may be happening where you hang out!

Believe me, I know what it's like to want to help, but to be so strapped yourself that you just can't manage it. So, if that's you, know that MyJeff and I are pulling for you and wish you the very best. We have received some pretty wonderful (oh, I hesitate to use the word...but, I will:) Blessings in the last couple of years. We are grateful and feel better sharing and helping those who still suffer and/or struggle.

Today, in particular: I love you all, my friends. Even those of you I don't know ... yet!

P.S. I just went to my mailbox and I have an email from the Ruff Start Rescue (an animal rescue group out of Princeton, MN) notifying me that they are receiving Donation Matching up to $30,000! So! The donation I just gave them has been DOUBLED by someone with a WHOLE LOT MORE MONEY THAN I'VE GOT!!! Good for them!

Do You Want to Know...? A.K.A. Update Number 2
SnowFace Cody
The Thermometer Outside My Kitchen Window has a cold, hard message this morning. At 4:57 a.m., it read 5F / MINUS 15C.

Do you think I could call into work "frozen"? And stay home today?


No. I didn't either.

Oh, well... Let me reward you for braving the cold news.

You may recall that there was a cube decoration contest for Halloween at my job, and that I took 2nd place. Here are photos:

The skeleton with the orange cap glowed green along most of his bones on Halloween. But I didn't bother to replace the batteries when they died about half way through the day. He's an energy hog.

Click thru, if you Dare...Collapse )

May your day hold kind warmth, fun memories, and gentle challenges.

A last minute Update On The Cold! Arrow trotted down the stairs a few minutes ago as I "previewed" my post here, and immediately began asking to be let out. I quickly grabbed a coat and braved the cold with him. Yup. It is, indeed, COLD! But there is NO WIND just now. The smoke from my neighbor's chimney rises as straight up as a northern Minnesota lodge pole pine. Most of my back yard stars had drifted to the west, and I had to walk down the cement path to see them. Orion was there, hiding behind the branches of our silver maple. Sirius, of course, gave away Orion's position, always faithfully trailing him. Castor and Pollux of the Gemini constellation are up there nearer the dome's center. Of course, Polaris, our ever-dependable North Star and the Big Dipper dominated the northern sky.

Then I decided I'd braved the cold long enough to proof how tough I am. I called Arrow from his busy-sniffing, and we came back inside. Boy! I'm so grateful for a working furnace!!!!

A Little Night Light
SnowFace Cody
Clambering out of The Mighty Steed a little while ago, I couldn't help but smile and mumble a few "ahhh's" and "ooooo's" in appreciation of the nearly-full moon rising above the houses and trees across the alley, with a deeply-blue clear sky surrounding her. So lovely!

Shortly after getting inside out of the cold (9F / -12C), setting down my bag, taking off my coat, and scruffling my good dog Arrow, that same good dog woofed and wiggled towards the back door. I HAD let him out once already, back before taking off the coat etc. Sigh. Well, if he wanted a little more time outside, I'd just pull on my layered-up scruffy coats to stay a little warmer and go out with him.

Wouldn't ya just know it? Within those few minutes that I'd been inside, a bank of clouds arose in the east covering the moon and strutting a pretty silver lining along their upper edge. There was not another cloud in the expanse of sky that I could see. Just that one big fluffy one blocking my view of the pale gold Luna.

I did have to laugh at Nature's tricksy sense of humor.

In just a couple of minutes, the cloud began to thin as the moon's glow seemed to burn a hole through it. And Luna practically floated above that cloudy barrier, as though she'd sped up her usual ascent to kick the dregs of cloud from her heels.

Then she hovered there, just one short night shy of Full. Practically dripping liquid gold on the sulking cloud below her.

Looking gloriously majestic.

Thank you, Universe.

Catch-Up Nov2019, Part One
SnowFace Cody
Yesterday was forecast to be the "nice" day of the week. Of course, "nice" is certainly WIDE-OPEN to interpretation. As we all know...

MyJeff knew we needed to take advantage of the Nice weather to get the roof gutters cleared, before it was too late. And now that we had access to a tall--32 foot--metal extension ladder, we could actually accomplish the dreaded chore. Our house is quite tall, you see. So is an extended 32-foot metal ladder. Mighty awkward to move and manipulate, too! Especially when you have cedar tree branches that also extend all the way to the side &/or roof of the house--permanently extend, that is. Until said branches insisted on tangling with the extended ladder that we needed to move, refusing to let go and let us postition the ladder. Well, several of those branches no longer extend at all. MyJeff had to saw off all or part of them in order to manuever the ladder along the house. He hated to do that, since we brought that cedar sapling with us from his mother's family's farmstead many years ago and planted it here the year we moved in. Of course, the tree is still outside my bay window, but....

MyJeff and I rocked that ladder; we slid that ladder; WE LIFTED THAT DAMN HEAVY AWKWARD LADDER! And he climbed up and down it several times, as it moved along the roof edge. He also, of course, scraped and chopped the frozen maple seeds and leaves and twigs, and gutter-compost out of the gutters; lowering his harvest in a bucket for me to dump, while he descended the ladder to re-position it again. It was a long, hard day.

I did a little leaf-raking, too, while he was above and scraping out tree droppings-in-ice.

My chest muscles really really hurt by the end of the day. I can only guess his do too. The Joys Of Home Ownership reign once again.

But ............ the task is done. Hopefully, we won't have any roof issues now.

To leave you with a few nicer moments: A few weeks ago, we ran some errands over in Wisconsin. Our drive home was rather circuitous. The day was lovely and the three of us enjoyed the weather, the day, the scenery. Thus:

More Fall Photos...Collapse )
As my title might suggest to you, I'm planning to do a few "Catch-Up" posts to show & tell you a little more about the last month or so when I've been so uncommunicative. I'll try to make it interesting.

Enjoy your day and all the potential joy it offers you, my friends!

FYI ...
SnowFace Cody
The Thermometer Outside My Kitchen Window tells me that the temp outside is 14F, which is around minus 9C.

Weather prognosticators are telling us that the temps this week have been in the usual range of the first week in December. Next week ... we get to look forward to temps in the usual range of the first week in JANUARY!


Tomorrow (Saturday) is supposed to be rather nice with almost 40F (5C) on the thermometer. Some sun. Some showers. . .

MyJeff and I attended a mini-seminar on retirement finances (actually an overview and offer of financial representation) at the Mall of America's AARP office. We are getting close to NEEDING to retire (in another 5, 6. or so years), and definitely need better financial guidance than we've had. Our appointment with the expert is in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, our retirement conditions will improve substantially from our current outlook.

While we were at the Mall Of America, we discovered a store called "Got Kilt". Not only does this store have a selection of men's and women's kilts, but they also have Firefly, Princess Bride, Dr. Who (and more!) themed clothing and paraphernalia. Jewelry, pantaloons, blades, figures, collectible objects d'art, etc. We had fun in there. MyJeff bought a kilt and I bought a top and pantaloons. Now, I have to find somewhere to wear the outfit!!!!!!!  It is a very fun store. Dangerously pricey, though. Of course--since it's in the MOA--"pricey" is pretty much an expectation.  (Yeah. I know this doesn't exactly support the goal of saving for retirement when I hit 70 years of age. But, even us grumpy, tubby, old women need a little indulgence now and then.)

Still have outdoor autumn-cleanup to complete this weekend. MyJeff plans to tackle those roof leaf gutters///forest nurseries, now that we've found a ladder that MIGHT reach the roof edge. I don't think we'll have much time to get out of the city to enjoy the almost-40 and partly sunny degrees we're suppsed to have on Saturday--before the deep freeze descends. The joys of the North Country. . . It beats hurricanes and wildfires. And it gives me something to mutter about.

Stay warm and safe, my friends! Enjoy your weekend!

Let Me 'Splain...
SnowFace Cody
I've been unable to get online since Friday a.m. Frustrating!

The laptop powered up to desktop (and of course everything on the hard drive was available), but a big ol' pop-up window informed us that we were "Not Connected To The Internet". We tried to get there. I spent more time trying Friday night and Saturday morning than I wanted to. Neflix was available on the television so we knew it wasn't our provider.

Since the laptop is from, like, 2008 or 2009 and has been having certain issues accessing/displaying some online things for months ... and is as "updated" as it can get ... we figured that poor little Blackie was just not going to be able to access the internet anymore. We sighed very deeply. I grumbled and cussed. MyJeff said, "Let's just take Blacky in to the Apple Store and see what they say."

They said: OBSOLETE! Not just "vintage", but downright out-and-out "obsolete".

The very nice and helpful Apple Genius (so nice to see women in those roles nowadays!) 'splained that 5 years is all the longer computer companies will really support any particular model of their own computers. No one else, no other industry openly manipulates the market to the degree of a 5-year built-in obsolescence! AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!!

But, we thanked the nice, informative A.G. young woman ... and drove out to MicroCenter to buy our new replacement computer. You all probably have a very good idea how much we spent--although it was a couple/few hundred less than the Apple Store was asking. We also had a GREAT chat with the salesman who is in our age bracket and also bought his first Mac computer back in the '80s. He and MyJeff talked the "do you remember the Talking Moose"? kind of exchanges. (I'd forgotten the Talking Moose, but I don't know how I could have done so.) He even commented that, if we'd managed to avoid buying a new computer for 10 or 11 years, we were definitely ahead of the game. Yeah, but...

Anyway, when we got home, I got to set about setting up the new computer...   Grrrrrrrrr....   Bloody damn! NO! I don't want that! Go away! Where is .... ? WHAT!?!? So on and so forth and da-dada-da-ditty-daaaa. I hate it. I think I might name it something nasty. No I won't. Then it will REALLY take on nasty characteristics.

But ... the "nasty" thing is this: After I got Newbie mostly set up and pretty much personalized (still need to add Firefox), MyJeff turned on Blacky for something or other. Guess what? The pop-up window about no connection had disappeared! I'm typing this on Blacky right now. Can you believe that crap? But ... as MyJeff pointed out, we did need to upgrade anyway and soon we really wouldn't have been able to use this laptop online. I'm trying to make myself feel better about all of this--not just about being able to use this laptop for a while yet. Sigh....

Have a good day, my friends. I'll work at catching up on your posts over the next few days.

SnowFace Cody
                            ...... Whichever way you prefer your Hallowe'en!


                  May you all share laughter and shrieks in a well-balanced ratio, score plenty of sweets (whether chocolate or smooches), get out and enjoy a beautiful evening with magically fine weather, and just plain have fun!!!!!

Happy Hallowe'en!

Clipart courtesy of:

The Last Week...
SnowFace Cody
At work, last week held something to celebrate Customer Service for all of us in that department at my office:
   Monday: Management/Leaders provided Breakfast for Us;
   Tuesday: Snack day! With all types of snacks available all day long;
   Wednesday: Soup cook off. I'm hoping to get the recipe for the Creamy Broth Chicken and Mushroom Soup. Num!
   Thursday: Taco pot luck.
   Friday: Dessert day available all day.
All staff helped supply the selected comestables of the day each day other than Monday's Management provided Breakfast.

I did take a lunch sandwich in to work on Monday and tucked it into one of the fridges. I ended up bringing it home on Friday. Way too much fun other stuff to eat aaalllllll week!

On Friday, there was a cube decoration contest. My cube took 2nd place.

Then the weekend happened.

Saturday was quite a mix of adventures. Rather serious plumbing back up in the basement with Ron the Sewer Rat's technician coming by to help us. He informed us that we have two (count 'em...TWO) breaks in the OLD pipe that goes out to the city's pipes. One is about 25 feet from our "sewer stack", which puts it around the front of our front porch. The other is at 73 feet out, which puts it out under the street but still our responsibility. He also informed us that the breaks are bad enough that they can not grind out any more blockages for us until the breaks are fixed. Not a fun afternoon.

The "not fun" afternoon was exacerbated when The Duke of Earl Grey (MyJeff's Toyota Camry) froze up out in the alley. Apparently the linkage for the transmission broke making it impossible to shift out of park. A (crazy) neighbor reached down into the engine compartment (while the engine was running) and moved something so MyJeff could shift into reverse and back into our driveway and out of the alley. To shorten this tale: a truck EVENTUALLY arrived late afternoon and gave MyJeff a ride while towing Earl to a mechanic shop where it sits waiting to be fixed--hopefully tomorrow--and a loaner car sits in our driveway for MyJeff to drive to work tomorrow. Thank you, AAA!

Saturday evening, we drove The Mighty Steed out to MyJeff's cousin's place in a western suburb for supper, lots of conversation, and gaming. The supper was excellent. Of course, the conversation included a much longer telling of the basement flooding and car failure productions. MyJeff's cousins listened and laughed and gasped and laughed, only realizing at the end that all of it had just happened that day and was why we'd called to warn that we'd be a half hour or so late. The intended gaming ended up as a series of jokes offered up by most of us in turn, instead. We got home somewhere around midnight.

We had plans for yard work and such for today. This morning found us actually doing some of the planned work. But only a little of it...... We decided that we'd had enough stress yesterday and deserved a laid back day today. So ... MyJeff has been doing about half a dozen loads of laundry, and I worked with houseplants for a while before putting my feet up and reading for a while. Tonight's supper is microwaved frozen stuff! And time for a movie DVD!

May the upcoming week hold only gentle &/or positive adventures for all of us. Sleep well tonight, my friends!