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Seeking Life's Adventures

They're Out There!

LJ 20th anniversary
SnowFace Cody

You can get your own card here!


Ruminations on the Upcoming Convention Weekend
SnowFace Cody
Work goes along without too much angst or joy. I enter data, ask questions, enter more data. I GET PAID! I'll even get paid for this Friday and next Monday, when I'll be at Minicon! They call it "Paid Time Off"! Isn't that a marvelous thing?

We're looking forward to going back to Minicon this weekend. I'm wondering what changes we'll see from the Minicon of years past. MyJeff and I were discussing whether there still is much cosplay, whether the con provides plenty of coffee and snacks/food in the consuite, is there a REAL consuite?, and how many of our old compadres will be there looking for conversation? Of course, part of the anticipation this time is that we're pleased we'll be able to spend more time together over our 4-day weekend. With our normal weekly work schedules at odds the way they are, our weeks get pretty lonely for each other. Then again, as I pointed out to MyJeff, he'll likely take off on his own adventures and leave me behind FOR HOURS with no idea when he'll come back. He's always done that. So I'm forced to find adventures of my own. Sometimes I'm successful at it, sometimes not so much. He claims he won't do that this time. Maybe he won't. *snort* Right.  ;-b

We'll see how the con goes. However ... I'm confident that we will have fun.

And, on Sunday, we jaunt out to have a delicious Easter dinner with MyJeff's cousins! Then back to the convention again.

Have a great day, my friends.

Sunday, Noon:15
SnowFace Cody
Eyes tightly closed. Surrounded by the dripping, tinkling, trickling sounds of active Melt. Revel in the feel of sunshine on my face ... my outspread arms ... through the thin fabric of my tshirt on to my breasts, my belly. Turn to feel the sun's warmth on my back, my scalp, the backs of my arms. Face-front again.

Ahhhhh, the sunshine. Nature's best, most nurturing warmth. Filling my soul with a happy warmth.

Thank you for these few minutes. These precious, sun-drenched moments ...

And now I'm smiling ...

Another April Snowstorm
SnowFace Cody
Do you remember the last batch of snow photos I posted? One had the step railing with the squirrel's ski jump on the end ... Wheeeee!

I took those photos on March 10th. Exactly a month later on APRIL 10th--yesterday at about 6:15 p.m.--I took these:

When I left in the morning, all snow had gone. It's baaa-ack! These are all taken from the back deck right after I arrived home from work.

Here We Go Again!Collapse )

Spring? Please come back..........PLEASE.

Weather and Work
SnowFace Cody
Yesterday our temps were somewhere in the 50s? low60s?  All I can tell you for certain is that I walked around in the sunshiney parking lot at work while I talked on the phone with MyJeff during my morning break yesterday--sans jacket.

Now, I just took Vinnie outside and had to wrap myself in my down-filled jacket, ThankYouVeryMuch! Current temp is 28F/minus 2C. "They" are still talking snow later and into tomorrow and so on. Still predicting blizzard conditions on the way. *SIGH*

Yesterday I started Louise Penny's "Kingdom of the Blind". And I have to spend the day doing the job they pay me for, so I can't just sit with my feet up and READ THIS BOOK! I really like this lady's mystery novels. A lot. One of the downsides to having a Real Job ... for which I am, actually, very grateful.

Speaking of Real Jobs ...

Yesterday I received an email from my Early Voting Center Supervisor with this subject line:

Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services - Offer of Reemployment

Stop, my racing heart! You KNOW we can't quit our New Job with the benefits and the stability and the LONG TERM employment!

But...maybe...just maybe...by next January Allina would let me go part time for the months preparing for each election! Then I could work BOTH jobs! I'd be a good girl, really I would. I'd work very hard and I'd clean my room and walk the dogs Every Day and ... Wait a minute ... What am I thinking?

I think I'm just a little bit sad right now. *Sigh*

Don't worry about me ... I'll deal with it ... I, uh, I think I need to be alone for a while now.

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Dag-Nab It!
SnowFace Cody
I was so pleased that I managed to post on LJ about 50% of the days in March. Even though my commenting was probably down a bit, I did still maintain a commentor presence last month, as well.

Now look at me...    Grrrrrrrr!       As Charlie Brown would say: Aaarrrrrgggghhh!

Okay. Now I've got that out of my system, I'll buckle down and aim for a resurgence of posting and commenting for the rest of April.

Some good news on the exercising and eating better and hoping to lose some weight topic: As of this morning, in the last 2 weeks, I've lost 5 pounds! Experience tells me that that loss is mostly water weight and the next 5 pounds will be harder work. So, I'm working at it. I'm not up to the twice a day, hour and a half of mad dancing that I used to do when I needed to get in shape, but I'm being less forgiving of skipping the morning workout (part of why I've been posting less, but I CAN manage both). And I'm giving myself more rare and definitely smaller treats from day to day. These aren't magical steps, but they can help me change my current set of habits that have been so very BAD for me.

Easter weekend is coming up, which means that the local science fiction convention MiniCon is coming. I used to be quite involved with MiniCon; MyJeff and I met there back in 1984, then we re-met there in 1986; MyJeff became the Hotel Liasion for a few years; my belly dance troupe performed and conducted workshops there for quite a few years; we stopped attending the con sometime in the '90s, and haven't been to one since. But we'll be at this one! Memberships are purchased. A hotel room is booked. Friends are taking in The Boys for the long weekend. And we plan to have a really good time with lots of conversation, laughter, and maybe some outright adventuring. (Understand that I'm talking "adventuring" for 2 out of practice/shape individuals in their 7th decades.) I think we'll have fun just catching up with old friends.

Easter Sunday, we'll be joining MyJeff's cousin at her house for what always turns out to be a DELICIOUS meal. Then, back to the hotel and more conventioning.

Enjoy your day, my friends!

Another Past Co-Workers Get-Together
SnowFace Cody
Tuesday evening I joined 20-some co-workers from this past summer-&-autumn's Early Voting Center (EVC) job at a local pub and eatery called The Lowry. We met there around 4pm--scheduled to stay until 6pm. I left around 7:30, and about half the group were still there. Did we have fun? Yee-eah.

The many conversations over envelope stuffing or alphabetizing and filing that we all shared on the job of a few months past continued as though we'd just come from an afternoon of the same. I participated in conversations of "What have you been doing since...?"; "Tell me about your new job."; train trips; polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba; the uniform of a TIE Fighter pilot and WHERE will the young man actually be able to wear it, now that he has the helmet, too?; an award given to one of our number for her efforts broadening high school girls' sports options back in the 60s and 70s; where will the EVC be set up for the three 2020 elections now that the old building is gone?; strawberry cream cheese stuffed French toast; of course--taxes; and other equally fascinating and entertaining topics.

I had a lovely time--even though the thoroughly over-priced chicken wings I ordered were over-cooked. But the Bailey's Cream coffee rescued my palate. And certainly helped me relax.

In exchange for leaving work an hour and a half early to get to the gathering, I'm going in half an hour early 3 of the remaining days of the week. Sadly, yesterday I was so tired from a couple of nights of short sleep that I sleep-walked out the door and home half an hour early too. Didn't notice that I'd read the clock wrong until I got home and looked at the clock on my kitchen wall. So, instead of 3 half hour early in to work mornings, I'll have to add Friday as well. It's so embarrassing to need to explain this to my boss. *Sigh*

Enjoy your day, my friends.

Whew! That's Done!
SnowFace Cody
Our appointment to have our taxes completed by one of my erstwhile co-workers went smoothly and quickly. Walking back into the old office brought a few hugs and lots of smiling greetings. Made me feel pretty good.

My ex-co-worker Scott smoothly sorted through our papers, asked a couple/few questions, entered the relevant data, and produced the results. All while keeping up a congenial conversation with both MyJeff and me. We'd been a bit concerned that we might need to pay in, since we'd made more money last year than we've done in years. But, thankfully, we're getting a few hundred back from the Fed. Thanks to MyJeff's decision to donate $5 to the Minnesota Wildlife Fund, our State refund will be $2. ;-D

So much better than paying in more money at this time.

Even though the Block staff and I don't get together socially, we have always gotten along together quite well and I enjoy stopping in to see them and exchanging a hug or two.

Morning Parade
SnowFace Cody
Since so many of my friends and readers seem to be night owls and often comment that they rely on me for Morning Sky Reports, I'm tellin' ya ...

So pretty this morning!

Grandmother Moon is waning below half, displaying the slightest concave curve. Her lower tip appears to have been nipped off by some passing Space Dragon. But she is BRIGHT! So BRIGHT and lovely. At last peek at the southeastern sky, she is closing in on Saturn who is currently a rather dim little glimmer soon to be caught and passed by the progressing Moon.

Edits: Big Boy Saturn Jupiter SHINES like a small moon himself as he leads the parade across the pre-dawn sky. The fourth brightest object in our sky, Jupiter Saturn rules the South arch of the Sun's ecliptic just now. He's near south center and--in the sky above my city backyard--nothing challenges his brave beauty.

Speaking of "Beauty" ... Venus is supposed to be rising in the southeast, but--sadly--the city-horizon clutter blocks her from my view.

As I type, that eastern horizon has become more pale and tinged with the slightest hints of gold and peach. My Nature appreciation morning is parading away toward responsibility and demands of Move Your Butt to Work requirements. I'll leave you with another link to earthsky.org :


Go. Look at cool photos and illustrations. Read nicely written explanations and news. It's a good site, and the linked article is about our current Morning Parade. You'll like it.

Would I lie?

EDIT!!!!: Well, "No" I wouldn't lie. But my attention occasionally gets fuzzy and I get confused and I make mistakes. "Saturn" is NOT the Big-Boy-4th-Brightest I was trying to refer to above. No. That would be Jupiter. Jupiter is the one who was ruling the southern sky yesterday morning. Sigh. Sorry about that. And "Thank you, thespian15" for so gently bringing my error to my attention.

Sending Great BIG Happy Day Wishes to the Pacific Northwest!
SnowFace Cody
Today I'm wishing a delightful and a lovely HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my friend susandennis. May everything go just the way you want it to go today.

Very little obstructing traffic

Cooperative tiny objects despite the glue on them

Short lines at restaurants and stores

Competent and friendly people all around you!

Have a wonder-full day, Susan!