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Seeking Life's Adventures

They're Out There!

Struggling for Content
SnowFace Cody
I've been struggling to improve my posting frequency for months now. I think I'm doing a little better than I had been. But, since I started the New Job, I've had little else going on in my Life--and little "ambition" (as Mom used to say) to get into anything else. This means I'm running a bit dry on LJ fodder.

I've pulled up a few photos of our last trip to KeesieLand, about a month ago. I know dog photos are always fun and most of you enjoy them as we do.

Enjoy a little Fuzzy Cuddling:

Above is our hostess and Whiskee, one of the pups from this past summer's puppy socialization visit.

Above you see our host, a man who obviously doesn't pay enough attention to his pack . . . HAH! I can only ID Whiskee on the left, butt to camera.

MyJeff and one of the matriarchs of the pack, but I can't recall her name.

Me with an armful of one of the most recent litter mates. NO idea which one this is. This is just a sweet, fluff of puppiness.

I gotta feed my pair and get ready for work! Take care, my friends. Locals, don't let the coming snowfall get you down. Remember: we just might be breaking a record in the next couple of days! ;-}
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The Sky Nation
SnowFace Cody
Interesting things are happening . . . many of them Over Our Heads . . .

For instance, the Mother Nature Network has an article with attendant film of the Alaskan sky that is WONDERFUL! Hours of stars, meteors, Aurora Borealis, etc. squeezed into a 3+ minute video. Even more impressive than my North Dakota farm sky. I must admit it.

Then I read another MNN.com piece linked from the Alaskan one regarding Sirius, the Dog Star's, upcoming Blink. This coming Monday evening, an asteroid will pass in front of Sirius for less than 2 seconds, blocking out his light from reaching us, and making his dog constellation appear to blink. Scientists don't believe this has ever happened before. Isn't that a super cool thing?

I tried copying the URLs to paste in here, but they are weird. So I'll just suggest that you go to mnn.com and look around. earthsky.org is always a great source for sky-news and info. They are currently struggling financially and are asking for donations. I gave a few dollars from my Paypal this morning. If you are so inclined, they'd appreciate your help.

On the stars: This morning I stood on the back deck for just a moment--the temp was just a few degrees above zero F and I wasn't wearing my coat, so I did NOT linger--and greeted the rising Venus and her speedy brother Jupiter. Saturn is up there somewhere near, too; but I haven't managed to spot him. Venus and Jupiter are beautiful, sharing the dark sky with similar bright glows.

Busy afternoon today with Tai Chi, then errands including library, post office, and grocery store. We have a couple of films from Netflix to watch this weekend, too. I think I'll sign off so we can start the "Vera" before class.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!

(I tried to post this piece yesterday [Saturday], but our internet connection refused to complete the Connection. Sorry about that, but I didn't bother to go through the whole thing and change the todays and such.)

SnowFace Cody
                                     To all my LJ friends and the ones they love:

Free Valentine Graphics | LoveToKnow


                              And ... especially for thespian15 because I can.

Mickey And Minnie's Valentine's Day Wallpaper and ...

Have a wondrous day in Love with Life and Humanity and Nature and Our Beloved Pets!

4th Snowiest February on Record . . . And It Keeps On Snowing . . .
SnowFace Cody

The following few photos were taken in my back yard on the 7th of February:

First, my fierce and watchful Arrow
   always keeping a wary eye on the neighbors ...

An interesting pattern of snow accumulation

More Snow ShotsCollapse )

People helping each other right and left! Life is Good!

Enjoy your day, my friends.

Update Letdown
SnowFace Cody
The Big Update on our computer was NOT successful yesterday. We managed the backup just fine, of course. But, trying to get to the Apple Store to download the El Capitan that our research said is our first step in closing the gap for our OS did NOT go "fine" at all. Have you ever run into that thing where your browser opens hundreds of empty tabs and you can't close 'em and they kinda LOCK the browser? Grrrrrr... Tried 3 times. We'll probably take another run next weekend. Maybe we'll just give up for now. Rats!

Tai Chi class is all right, although I do think that the 45 minutes would be better at 60 minutes for a bit of conversation regarding Tai Chi, students' questions, feedback, etc. The instructor does seem to be in a big hurry coming and going, although when there and leading the movements, he is fully "there". If you know what I mean...

We've been receiving several inches of snow every few days lately ... Or so it seems. Supposedly, several more inches are on their way later today and into tomorrow. Right now our backyard is almost knee deep in snow. It looks lovely, but The Boys have difficulty attending to business in such deep snow. So MyJeff scoops out short pathways for them, and one that loops from the sidewalk out and around back to another spot on the sidewalk.

Time for me to prep for the job and head out!

Enjoy your day, my friends.

Computer Stuff and a Favor Request
SnowFace Cody
A couple of weeks ago (Friday, Jan. 25) I posted a photo of 3 keesie puppies at the end of my post. One of those 3 is Jeep, who is now in her new home with another friend of ours. Jeep has been entered in an online contest for "Sidewalk Dog" (I don't really get what that title means, but...) and, of course, we want to vote for her. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get to the correct page to do so. I believe that our ooolllllld, outdated system and browser may be to blame. Today, I'm going to back up my hard drive, then try to update our system and our browser. Apparently, we need to do at least 2 updates to the laptop's OS before we can do a useful update to the browser. This will all take a chunk out of my morning. But it is something we've put off dealing with for MONTHS!

The thing is: little Jeep only has a day or two left to get votes in this contest. At last report, she was 8th out of something like 244 contestants. So . . . if you all would be willing to go vote for cute little Jeep to make up for my delayed ability to do so, I would appreciate it. If you'd rather not, that's fine. But, I just thought I'd ask.

Here is the specific link:

I hope this works for you, better than it worked for me. My friend also sent us a cute, short clip of Jeep playing with her new big brother in the snow. I hope to get her permission to share that with all of you in another post. Meanwhile, here's that photo I posted back on the 25th. And, no, I can't tell which of the 3 is Jeep.

So. And feel free to wish me luck with all the backing up and updating and such! Thanks, if you managed to vote for Jeep. Thanks for caring, even if you didn't vote.

Enjoy your day, my friends.

Weather and Work
SnowFace Cody
Okay. Gotta type fast so may not be as eloquent as usual. HAH!

Weather has been snowy, icy, cold-then-milder, foggy, snowy, and now (after several inches of snow a couple of times in the last few days) we're expecting another 3-5 inches. I think that's what the radio claimed. Two small snow storms in one week really should be enough. But ... nooooooooooo! Here's another opportunity to brush and scrape and shovel!

Can you guess I'm less than happy with our weather here? Even though it isn't horribly cold anymore, it certainly is inconvenient. Trying to get to the pharmacy and then home on Tuesday should have taken me about 40 - 50 minutes tops. And that's if I had had to wait in line at the pharmacy, which I didn't. It took me almost 2 and a half hours!!! And, yes!, that was terrible traffic because of the snow falling. One intersection took around half an hour to get through. Sigh. We continue to pay our dues for living in God's North Country.   ...........................    Hey. I have to come up with some justification for weeks like this!

On the New Job Front:  Still going well. Was about 2 minutes late yesterday morning due to scraping and brushing the van, and needing to drive a bit more slowly in the morning traffic. Which means I hadn't figured how much time I'd need. Certainly hope to do better today. We need to swipe our ID card through a reader to unlock the doors for entrance. This also logs us in (or out at the end of the day) for time-keeping. Allina is rather strict on timeliness--no more than 10 minutes before scheduled and even 1 minute late coming in is noticed, although not a huge deal unless common. Will be leaving for work earlier today. Moved in to My Own Cube yesterday, but need to put my stamp on it over the coming days. Took more online courses. Received instruction and practice on the major task I'll be responsible for. Some of the online stuff was done working on a Windows laptop with touch screen and the cursor pad also being right-or-left click. I HATE THOSE LAPTOPS!!!!!! The darned Right/Left sensitivity drives me nuts with reading things I don't mean to tell it!!!!! Fortunately, I have a more normal PC at my desk. With TWO, count 'em, TWO monitors. That will take getting used to, but shouldn't be too stressful.

One more thing: We've had to jump start The Mighty Steed a couple/three times in the last couple of weeks. Last night I stopped at our mechanics' and they installed a new one. They've ordered wiper blades for me since the driver's blade is literally shredding, and I've had difficulty seeing where I'm going when the snow is slamming down.

That's the weather/work/and other things report for this morning. Enjoy your day, my friends!

First Day Report
SnowFace Cody
The Allina Health HQ (called The Commons) is a pretty nice set-up. It is in the Old Sears building on Lake Street (Locals know exactly what I'm talking about!) and the people working there seem to be consistently pleasant and happy and helpful. The security guard who took my photo for my badge made jokes, laughed a lot, and was the most socially-inclined security guard I've ever met.

The morning's Orientation program was well-organized and the presenter was obviously experienced and knowledgeable. There must have been more than 50 New Hires going through this session. One of the women at my table heard that they hold these Orientations every Monday! Allina has about 29,000 employees.

I received $10 in vouchers for lunch at the Global Market on first floor, and purchased Orange Chicken with fried rice and one egg roll to take home. Very good food. Then: I tackled the 9 online courses required to be completed by the end of the day. Theoretically, within about 4 hours. Since I use a Mac instead of a Windows machine, started out following the wrong instruction sheet, and have a LOUSY internet connection, I finished in a little over 6 hours. Not what the "correct" instruction sheet (which I read THIS MORNING) directed. Oh, well ... it's done, and I don't care about getting paid for those couple of hours. Especially since it was my own carelessness that didn't inform me to hold off and finish later in the week. Piffle. It's done.

I have some self-organizing to do before eating breakfast, dressing, and heading out into the cold and ice and traffic. So ... I'll sign off now. Enjoy your day, my friends!

SnowFace Cody
After last week's Arctic-cold and half-foot or so of snow, the gentler temps we've enjoyed the last day or two--not to mention a few hours of sunshine!--have melted away much of the built-up snow. Fog has rolled in during the night, muffling sound and reflecting the light of the street lights into pyramiding globes of diffuse glow.

Pretty ... gentle ... mysterious ...

Early morning fog is a favorite weather phenomenon of mine. This morning's fog made me yearn for a forest track across my alley that Vinnie, Arrow, and I could wander along, ignoring aches and pains and the concerns of a normal day as we lose ourselves in Nature's Magic. The Boys and I made do with the Spring sound of dripping melt from the surrounding roofs, the lowering levels of snow, and the songs of hidden sparrows. For me, no longer needing the weighty layers of protection from exceptional cold, also made our back yard time more enjoyable.

Enjoy your day, my friends. I hope you each manage to enjoy a few minutes in the peace and magic that Mother Nature can provide every day.

Recent Days' Activity
SnowFace Cody
So ... Friday, I spent the bulk of the afternoon shopping at Target. I did kind of enjoy my time there, although I was shopping MUCH longer than I'd anticipated or wanted. I cruised through the clothing clearance racks and purchased a few items of clothing. It's amazing how much time the searching, trying on, and deciding took me. Then hunted through the pharmacy shelves where the particular items I needed were camouflaged and hiding amongst thousands of similar bottles or completely missing; and finally safari'ed the grocery aisles, where I encountered a co-worker from the Early Voting Center job of this past summer and autumn. Of course, we did a bit of catching up before I finished my harvesting and spent what felt like days of standing in the checkout line. Target is always overflowing with excitement and packed with fun. (unh-hnh)

I do start my new job with Allina Health on Monday. (Hence the new clothing.) Monday morning, I go to an overall orientation at their "Commons" by Lake Street's Global Market. Afterwards, I can come home and spend the afternoon running through about a dozen online training videos. Then, Tuesday morning I go to the St. Paul facility where I'll be working, for another "orientation" session, and whatever comes next.

At this point, I'm experiencing a mix of feelings. Extreme relief to have a regular, permanent, full time job, with important benefits that I haven't received since around the turn of the century. Then, there's the "Now I'll have to change my morning routine, and What Changes Will I Have To Make!?!" issue.     ;-p      Such First World Employed-Person problems, hunh? I look forward to meeting new people, learning new things, earning a decent wage, and all that ... jazz. But I will miss the leisure to occasionally put my feet up and spend much of an afternoon with a good book, or to suddenly decide to bake up a batch of muffins or bars or such. OTOH: I'll survive. And better than survive.

This afternoon, MyJeff and I attended our first session of Tai Chi (adapted for seniors) at an Elder Living Facility offered through Community Education. It was very basic and relaxing. We have 5 more sessions lined up over the next month and a half, and I think it will be very good for us to get out of the house and do a physical activity together each weekend. Hopefully, we'll also broaden our circle of acquaintances a bit more. That would be a good side effect, and so will continuing the activity beyond the 6 week course.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friends. MyJeff and I are meeting with a couple of friends for a late lunch and catch-up session tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to that.