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Whew! That's Done.
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MyJeff, The Boys, and I lounged in the back yard for around 2 hours Saturday night, watching for meteors. Although the night was quite lovely--slightly chilly, but a good lap robe handled that--I was disappointed in failing to see any shooting stars. MyJeff did catch a view of one, shortly before we called it quits for the night. He was thrilled. We repeated our efforts for about half an hour or so before sunrise Sunday, as I did today. Still no luck. Oh, well. Next time.

The Official Tax Season is over. As I am working what the company calls the Pre-Season (before the start of official 2019 tax season), I'll be going in to the office a few days each week through the summer and fall. At least until I can land myself a Real Job with full time, around the calendar employment... I suppose it would help to get my resume updated and out there, and I plan to get that going in the next couple of weeks. I won't know whether I qualified for the bonus check for another week (I think that's when) and am keeping my fingers crossed. The last week, I brought in some good numbers and am more hopeful for the bonus than in the past months. For the next couple/few weeks looming at this time, I'm scheduled for part of the day 5 non-consecutive days a week at the tax office. With lots of catch-up chores to ... well ... catch-up with, I'm setting goals with rather flexible expectations in hopes of not driving myself into high stress levels again.

A garage sale is also on the horizon for us in mid-May. We MUST get rid of much stuff that currently crowds our garage. Granted: I'm hoping we manage a little more select scavenging during these next few weeks. We did a bit of it 2 weeks ago and picked up a very few items. The best of which--wood yard furniture that can be easily taken apart and folded together for storage--MyJeff gifted to some neighbors in Thanks for assistance they gave us in the past.

The BEST, Most Important Thing:

Spring really seems to be here. Temps in 50s, 60s, forecast 70s (for today). Sunshine. Birdsong. Tulip greens along the neighbor's foundation. Snow piles allllmost gone. I actually picked up a couple of library books yesterday and spent a couple of hours sitting in the back yard sunshine--wearing a wide-brimmed hat--reading. Sigh. Heaven!

Mixed Bag
SnowFace Cody
When Vinnie and I stepped outside a few minutes before 6am, we were greeted by a marvelous musical cacophony of birdsong! Robins led the chorus so loudly I couldn't begin to ID any of the other songs. (Not that I'm very good at naming birdsongs, in general.) The temp is just a few degrees below freezing . . . on it's way to the low 50s F! Sunshine is the Word of the Day, and the sky was clear and Early Morning Blue.

One brilliantly bright light remained glowing for me to admire in the south-westerly sky. Jupiter, I think. A lovely morning.

Work, OTOH, is still insane. Following last weekend's One-Foot-Plus snowstorm, we were even more overwhelmed than expected with Last Minute Tax Filers on Monday and Tuesday (the actual deadline day). I worked from 7am 'til 8:30pm Monday/7am 'til 10:30pm Tuesday. However . . . SURPRISE! . . . The mighty IRS had computer issues on Tuesday that slowed down receiving all the e-filed taxes. Thus: they extended the deadline one more day. So, Wednesday was also full of filers. Although, on Wednesday (expected to be much quieter, so fewer of us scheduled to be in the office) the numbers were, mercifully not as high. Also, 2 other Tax Pros dropped in at different times to clean up a few things before The End of the Season. Each one took a couple of walk-ins, wonderfully helping the two of us who were scheduled. Yesterday (Thursday) also held more filers than expected during my 10a to 7pm shift with ONE other Tax Pro in the office until the manager was able to fight her way into the office around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. She and I are teaming up for today's 10 to 7 shift. Then I'm back in the office tomorrow (Saturday) from 10 to 2. Sunday ... I'm actually off-duty. Back to work on Monday, though. My tax season is dragging on. Damned thing just won't die!


Okay! Remember, friends, that the Lyrid Meteor Shower is peaking this weekend--just in time to celebrate Astronomy Day in style! Yup. Tomorrow, Saturday, April 21 is Astronomy Day! And, the Lyrids are having a great shootout aaalllllllllll over the night sky. According to, the radiant point should rise above the horizon around 9pm, with meteors (10-20 per hour) shooting all across the sky by midnight, and radiating from directly overhead pre-dawn. Apparently, the Lyrids tend to fire off in all directions so one can spot the meteors in any part of the sky. Escaping city light pollution is strongly advised as the meteors tend to be Not So Bright. Check out the GREAT photos on's page: Antartic Milky Way is the Image of the Day. GORGEOUS!

MAN! I've got to get out there and see some night-sky and meteors Saturday night! It's the only feasible opportunity for me. I WANT it!

Enjoy your weekend, my friends.

Another Shortie
SnowFace Cody
Yoshi's Dad picked him up yesterday afternoon. That was one tired man since he'd been trying to get a flight back home for a couple of days with little sleep available to him, as our blizzard had flights halted from all over and he was coming back from somewhere in Mexico. On the other hand . . . that was one ecstatic little dog to have his Dad back again!

Two days left until the tax deadline! I was surprised at how many people crowded into the office on Saturday, defying the developing snow storm that dumped about 12 inches of heavy snow across the Twin Cities! At least, until mid-late afternoon, when visibility reached seriously bad levels. Getting in to the office again Sunday morning was an adventure I'd just as soon avoid repeating (although I expect to have a similar one today). Got stuck in the unplowed alley. MyJeff and I dug more snow from under The Mighty Steed of Smoke and Shadows, then MyJeff pushed and The M Steed started crunching down the alley. Alllllmost managed to bull through the snowplow ridge at the end of the alley . . . more shoveling and pushing with assistance from MyJeff and a kind neighbor and a random guy driving down the street got me out and moving again! After my 14 mile drive on ice, on wet, on snow, on yuck streets/freeway, I drove down the wrong side of the street toward the parking lot at work to avoid risking getting stuck again and revved up to plow through the drifts in the entrance to the lot that hadn't been cleared, but I don't have time to go into any more of the details. *whew!* Eventually, all was well enough. And people began coming in to the office again around late morning. Snow continued to fall, but much more lightly, while the winds still haven't left us.

Today, I start at 8 a.m. again. Soon I need to rouse MyJeff to help me get The Mighty Steed cleared and on the road. Ah, the Joys of Life's Adventures!

As Promised...
SnowFace Cody
This will be quick.

MyJeff took some photos of The Boys and Yoshi yesterday. I loaded and cropped 'em this morning. Hope you like them.

Keesies 3! Vinnie, guest Yoshi, Arrow. See how much bigger our boys tend to be?

Yoshi -- Who? Me?

Yoshi Big Eyes

Arrow looking so serious.

Sadly the Vinnie pic didn't do him any justice. So we'll have to focus (ahem, coughcough) on him another time. Enjoy your day, my friends!
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SnowFace Cody
Today, please remember to click an answer to the trivia questions at to feed dogs, then the page for feeding cats, then the page for donating scoops of litter.

Freekibble will donate TEN TIMES the usual amount of food per click today, in celebration of their 10th anniversary. Let's help feed some rescue animals! Thanks for participating.

The food count after my click/answers today was 21,572,402. And the scoops of cat litter count was 5,605,526.

What was your after-click count?

Critters - PSA
SnowFace Cody
I've been meaning to mention that March is "Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" Month. You don't need me to point out the importance of helping to prevent animal cruelty, but here are a very few of the blogs on the subject from this year and previous years. You may find inspiration and ideas on action you can take. Or, just pass along the awareness and the message of "If you see something, say something".

Relevant blog posts:

April also happens to be's 10th anniversary! They are asking for an extra push to encourage others to visit their site tomorrow (Tuesday the 10th) and participate in clicking a trivia answer to try to reach a donation of 10 million pieces of food. Tomorrow they will donate 10 times the usual amount of food for every click! If you can find a few minutes, please go to:

and answer the trivia questions for "feed dogs" and "feed cats". Doesn't matter whether your answer is correct. There's also a "donate cat litter" page.

Of course, there is ALWAYS, as well.

Thank you, my friends, for your time and your attention. And . . . most of all, for your action. Have you clicked today?
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SnowFace Cody
Just a quick note to touch base and let you all know we have a smallish, fuzzy visitor for the next week.

Yoshi is a keeshond whose Dad is leaving for a well-deserved vacation today. Thus, young Yoshi arrived last night and will be staying with us until Dad returns. His tail is one of those curled over the back speedy metronome ones that can create a breeze in small rooms.

Vinnie has already gotten over the excitement of a guest and is relaxing on his bed. Arrow has calmed enough to give Yoshi a little space, rather than following him every where and keeping a close eye/nose on everything move he makes. Although, Arrow so far does pretty much stay within a few feet of the new guest, he will now lie down and snooze rather than stay on guard.

Yoshi is still staying pretty close to me, but is also quietly napping. I do make sure to look carefully before I reposition my feet.

Photos will be posted over the next few days.

Weather Whining
SnowFace Cody
As seems to be the new norm most everywhere, the alterations in our local climate behavior keep us guessing day-to-day. The annoying thing is: We have to guess which MONTH we're living in on any particular day! This week we've dropped back to January--with afternoon excursions to late March. Snow storms with heavy, wet snow accumulations are accompanied by bright sunshine and warming air that melts half (or more) of the snowfall, which then hits the COLD pavement and ices up!

MyJeff had difficulty opening The Mighty Steed's doors yesterday morning due to the encrusting sheet of ice.

The current temperature here is 11 F (~ minus 12 C). According to an online forecast, mid-next-week temps should start staying above freezing. Then the April rains are supposed to fall late next week and into the week after. Sigh. I love the Seasonal Progression of the North Country. I love the different Seasons. I love watching the world change from Season to Season.

(Is the programming working?)

Not much else I can write about. Just work. Come home and eat something and veg-out in front of the television for an hour or so. Then sleep. Then up and at 'em again. I plan to get my Life back by the end of the month. Err, well, at least something approximating a Life. ;-}   We'll have to wait and see what comes along and hope I can come up with posts of broader interest to all of us!

Take care, my friends.

Weekend Wrap
SnowFace Cody
This past weekend brought us luncheon at the Convention Grill with/on the adoptive parents of sweet Sasha, our foster of a couple-few years ago. After which, we followed them back to the relative's house, where they were staying, to visit the dogs. Sasha is aging, of course, with loss of hearing and general health slowing/reducing. But she's still a darling girl who well-deserves the nickname "Princess". Living in St. Louis, she and her "new" brother Dusty don't get to enjoy snow. They've been quite delighted with this weekend's 3-inch snowfall.

We four humans sat in the back corner booth at CG from 2 pm until after 6:00, and the time FLEW past. Although MyJeff and I met Sasha's Dad when he drove up to adopt her, and met her Mom a couple years ago when they came to visit in the summer, we never had opportunity to sit still and focus on CONVERSATION. Boy, did we converse on Saturday! And, it turns out that--despite the fact they are both slim people--they are also ice cream fanatics! Sigh. But they head back to St. Louis today and we probably won't see them again for at least another two years. However, I think we'll all do better at keeping in touch through the duration.

GRANDMOTHER MOON! On our way home Saturday night, MyJeff and I marveled at the glory of the Big Golden-Bright Full Blue Moon! I hope at least some of you managed to see and enjoy her beauty Saturday night. She was magnificent.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon and evening celebrating Easter with MyJeff's cousins in Long Lake. The meal was delicious and plentiful. . . . As was the conversation, now that I think about it. Family news and old tales, job market ways and woes, travel talk, dog stories and endless squeak toy tossing/fetching, and general catch-up discussions culminated in a round robin game of Name Movies That Have Been Made More Than Once. At the end of which, our gracious hostess informed us that she had won. Considering the wonderful meal she'd provided for us all and the lovely afternoon of camaraderie, we all agreed that she had, indeed, won.

Now, for me, the 2nd ramp-up at work begins. This week my hours are approaching full time-ish and cover 6 days of the week. Next week we open at 8 a.m. A week from today I start a 9-day run of work with all but one of those days starting at 8 in the morning.  I keep reminding myself, "A bigger paycheck. Bigger paycheck. Bigger paycheck." Then, 2 days of helping shut down the office . . . and I'm done.

The other thing is: Scavenge Time has been moved up a couple of weeks and starts the end of THIS WEEK! I will have a great deal of difficulty fitting in any scavenging this year. Especially since MyJeff has been pointing out that we really don't have much storage space left; we've been talking about giving up the Flea Markets; and we're both pretty darned tired. But I'm reluctant to completely give up the adventure and the sales that can be made through garage sales and online. Sigh. Decisions must be discussed and made.

Enjoy your day and your week, my friends. I'll see you when I have a chance to write again--and something worth writing about...

March's 2nd Full Moon on Saturday Night!
SnowFace Cody
Even last night and early this (Friday) morning, Grandmother Moon is bright and very round-ish. She's shining with a powerful silver glow that overpowers and dims out the light of some stars that usually punch through our Big City light pollution. This rendition of the Full Moon phase is, as you probably recall, the 2nd Blue Moon of 2018!

If your Saturday night weather is forecast cloudy and you figure viewing the official Blue Moon of March won't happen for you, try this Friday evening around 7:30 or so, or early Saturday morning (5-ish should be good) or early Easter Sunday morning or Sunday evening. Don't forget that a Full Moon is darned cool for a day or two on either side of the official date. Right now (Friday morning) the Moon is at 98%. Truthfully, a bit difficult to detect the non-Fullness of her disk at that point.

Don't give up on seeing the Full Moon beauty, just because your sky is cloud-covered on the actual evening. Of course, if your area is in a 10 day run of overcast gloom and dim . . . the internet sports many wonderful sites to look at pictures! I recommend, as always.


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