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Not Much Going On But There's Always Weather to Comment On.....

A few days ago, I checked The Thermometer Outside My Kitchen Window when it was still dark outdoors and I needed to shine a flashlight through the window to read The Thermometer. The temp registered in red liquid (are they still mercury?) said 34F (about 1C). I was struck by waves of shivers running down my spine and promptly wrapped a small blanket around my shoulders.

THIS morning--already fortified with a purple lap blanket draped across my shoulders--The Thermometer displays its red line all the way up to 44F (approx 6C). Enough improvement to allow me to stand comfortably for a moment gazing at Sirius as he faithfully "dogs" Orion's heels. Most of Orion was blocked from view by a couple of our trees and the neighbor's roof, but an occasional silverly glint showed through the remaining--though changing--leaves.

BTW: Did anyone else manage to enjoy the Saturn, Jupiter, Moon gavotte / parade of the last few evenings. So very cool.

I've been making effort to be sure to check out the above mentioned trio's slow dance performance each evening. Moon has been brilliant! And, in the early morning, I try for even a short moment with Orion and his faithful companion and with Big Dipper and any and all of the city-sky stars. Sparse viewing, but all the more treasured for being The Few.

The clock is ticking in an increasingly rapid nag that I still need to get ready to leave for the dreaded JOB!!!!!!  (Cue threatening dramatic music!)

Take care, my friends. Have a Marvelous Day!
SnowFace Cody

Can You Sign This Petition Against Selling Dogs and Cats as Food in the U.S.A.?

I grew up on a farm, as you probably know/recall. We raised cattle, chickens, and sheep--among other critters. Some of these three species we eventually ate. But NEVER did any of us consider dogs or cats as a "delicacy" meat. Both of my parents lived through the Great Depression and my mom, in particular, grew up in a difficult set of conditions. They automatically drew a line against slaughtering either dogs or cats for food. It just wasn't right!

Apparently, many states of the United States do allow the killing of cats and dogs for sale as food. And many of the "Puupy Mills" that I've always hated, I now know often sell those puppies to be meat animals. Please join me in signing the petition to outlaw such practices. Please click on the link below, read the petition, and sign it. If you can bring yourself to share it with others, that would be wonderful, too.

Thank you for your concern and your participation in attempting to abolish a cruel and downright disgusting practice.

Thank you so much!
SnowFace Cody

A Quiet Evening ... Just Dogs and Me

I actually watched the Muppets' Haunted Mansion Halloween Special on Roku tonight. Not great, but not as bad as it might have been. I suspect that my Sense of Humor may have moved on from the days when I was a faithful Muppets fan. Afterwards, I stepped out onto the back deck and searched for stars. Cloudy sky dimness was all I found up there---a grayed-out canvas of nuthin'..... And I understand that we are due to receive some pretty worthwhile rain tomorrow. Maybe beyond that, but I'm not sure whether it will really do much. We could surely use a couple of good soaking rains. Temps are supposed to start cooling down to autumnal 50s/60s F. I will miss the 70s and low 80s that we've been enjoying.

I am between reading books right now and have been thinking of my LJ friends quite a lot lately. Feeling that old guilt for not keeping up the communication. Not that I have much of interest to present, but at least I feel that I both should and want to make the effort. Theoretically, as I continue writing SOMETHING more often, I'll start finding something interesting to write about. That said....

You may remember my Click to Give / Animal Rescue Site links. I have one from one of their associates--Free the Ocean. Kind of funny.        Fast punches. A little difficult to follow since those octopuses are SPEEDY! It sort of reminds me of my big brother...........

Enjoy your evening and be sure to check the weather before you step out the door in the morning!
SnowFace Cody

Various and Sundry and High in the Sky

Our little Gracie adoptee American Eskimo Spitz is MAYBE, SomeWhat, Kinda settling a little bit. Sorta. She doesn't run to hide every time we look at her or try to talk to her anymore. Nor has she bitten Jeff in a few weeks. We think she is easing back on her reflex fear. But this is so very hard to do. The poor little girl is so damaged, so frightened....  I so want to do very bad things to the people that kept her caged, pregnant, and terrified for her entire twelve years. And I'm hoping and straining for the patience and the strength for both MyJeff and myself to help our little girl.

Both of us have some positive developments at work happening; and we should find workdays getting a bit easier as we move through the weeks now. I'll get into the various details when I have more time.

Now, I only have time to alert my friends here that this month has some very cool Sky Events coming our way! The astronomy crew at has it laid out very nicely with good details and nice photos, so I'll leave you in their capable hands:

Enjoy your day, your week, your lovely autumnal month, and the delights of your upcoming Spook Time at the end of the month!
SnowFace Cody

Tonight: Sky Watch

Tomorrow--Monday, September 20--is September's Full Moon. Judging from the last few evenings, it should be a lovely--and an interesting display!

Grandmother Moon does NOT travel alone just now. The scintillating ringed Saturn leads a modest parade from southeast to southwest across the evening/night sky. Amazingly bright and mighty, Jupiter follows slightly below Saturn's path and about two fist-widths apart. As a special treat for tonight and the next two nights, a pale golden "Full" Moon (also called The Harvest Moon) rolls along in company with these two planets, forming an odd celestrial triangle. They have been a delightful spectacle for some time.

Just step outside after sunset and look south-ish. And enjoy some elegant beauty.

For a little more info:
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I Just Love People Sometimes!

You know I've sometimes posted links from one of the Charity Click websites. This one makes me want to move to Oregon so I can become a regular at the storied business. Even though I don't drink! But I DO eat!!

So ....... Read, Smile, and go "Awwwww".

ANNNNND........... It's time I officially announced to my friends here that we have adopted another foster dog. Gracie is a 12 year old American Eskimo Spitz. We've been told that she spent her life as a Puppy Mill Mom and we KNOW that she has serious issues. She's been with us for a couple of months or so, and progress is frustratingly slow. We've been promised assistance from a Dog Behaviorist through the adoption group Ruff Start. We need the help. Today, Gracie and Arrow are both going to the vet for checkups. It could be "challenging".

Photos will come eventually.
SnowFace Cody

Fire Bowl Report

Saturday evening's fire bowl enjoyed perfectly cool temperatures with occasional light breezes. The stars--sadly--stayed behind clouds and were certainly missed. MyJeff handled the fire, itself, expertly with snapping, beautiful flames providing just the right amount of warmth and a cozy flickering light.

Two neighbors joined us and stayed most of the evening, sharing State Fair, work, and Daily Life stories. As the evening progressed, we were delighted to be surprised by none other than LJ Friend thespian15! Who--in his typical gracious style--brought all the makings for s'mores!!! More stories flowed and tasty snacks were consumed.

The neighbors had gone home and Jon, MyJeff, and I were still visiting and tossing more wood on the fire. I was relating a little story of a recent event only to suddenly awaken to the realization that I'd just dozed off in mid-sentence. After enduring a little teasing and finishing the sentence/story I thought I'd been in the midst of, I bid the guys good night and left them to enjoy the fire and the good company for another hour or two. Or so MyJeff remembered it.

All-in-all, it was a very enjoyable evening. I do advise that, if you're going to host such a gathering, be sure to get a good night's sleep the night before! Makes it easier to stay up through the dark of the night.
SnowFace Cody

Fire Bowl, Anyone?

MyJeff and I are attempting to arrange a small fire bowl gather in our back yard this coming Saturday evening. We've only managed one little fire bowl this summer, due to heat and dry foliage. This Saturday should be an excellent opportunity for an evening under the stars and around the flame pit.

I'm only planning a few snacks and beverage for the evening's consumption. Wide topic conversation and Face masks would be a good idea and........Please, if you haven't bothered to get vaccinated; don't come to my fire bowl. Even if you have been vaccinated, bringing a mask would be a good Just In Case move. The sky should be clear with reasonably good star viewing and little breeze. Autumn temperatures are sneaking in so bring a jacket or keep a sweater at hand for the dark of the evening.

Feel free to contact me with questions. I hope to see a friend or two that I haven't seen in much too long tomorrow evening. If you can't come, know that I'll be thinking of you and wishing you well.
SnowFace Cody

A Star Nation Morning

The haze, sunrise glow, and clouds are all gone this morning! Sparkling, twinkling stars welcomed me onto my back deck 20 minutes ago. A slow, neck-cranked shuffle down the cement path to the back gate provided even more star-joy as I turned around and around to take in all the star gazing I could absorb in the few minutes I dared allow myself. The nearly-autumnal-cool breeze danced with the treetops, the bushes, even with the Joe Pye Weed growing along the northern edge of my deck while the cricket chorus provided counterpoint music to the soft whoosh-and-swish of the breeze song. Sadly, the early morning bird chorus have already moved along with their own honoring of the passing season.

I filled my coffee mug, pulled on my purple hoodie (58F/14C with attendant breeze dictates comfort-caution for this aging dame), and pulled out my favorite folding back deck chair. Only 15-20 minutes, but my long-unavailable preferred Mindfulness/Meditation Moments deserve relaxing care and avoidance of any discomfort. I sipped, stared, listened. And it was Good.

Through this past summer, I've seen little of the Star Nation due to the wretched DST, extra-early work days, smoke haze from the worse-stricken areas of wildfires, and nature's own cloud cover that blended so seamlessly with the smoke haze. Occasional sightings of stars winking at us and even the steady burn of planets with Saturn and Jupiter gracing the evening south and south east near-horizon sky has, perforce, served to feed our hunger for the greater galaxy glows and glory. I was gifted--at 3 in the morning--with sighting four Perseid Meteors slashing across the small rectangle of North Dakota sky I could see through the bedroom window at my sister's farmstead in mid-August! And was treated to a few evenings in their "driveway" watching the moon and her craters, the coupling of Venus and Mars at sunset, and the bounteous beauty of a North Dakota star-studded sky with two of my sisters and their husbands. Sigh. Sometimes I am NOT satisfied with living in Minneapolis.

This morning's sky-show has helped with that.

But now, I must prepare to leave for another day earning my retirement fund. Take care, my friends. Remember to look up now and then. Revel in the blue blue sky with its white fluff clouds. Invite the glow and sparkle of our friendly stars to brighten your heart, your mind, your very soul with hope and joy. Enjoy all the glory this world of ours can--and does--offer us, if we only remember to make the effort to see and absorb the gifts. Be happy in knowing that our world does cherish and love you.
SnowFace Cody

TODAY IS ........


I had no idea that there was a Special Day designated for me and My Kind!

How fitting that yesterday I went to Half Price Books for the first time in a LOOONNNGG time and bought a bunch of books! Naturally, I bought a few for myself, but the bulk of them are for my sister who told me about a week ago that she'd started reading the novels of Louis L'amour! And, of course, she got hooked on them and is now interested in starting up a "collection" of them for herself. Thus far, she's been borrowing the books from other siblings. I'll be taking them to her later this week when we dash "home" for a niece's wedding. We'll be staying in a house belonging to this particular sister and her husband, as we've done in the past. I'm so pleased that my favorite sister has developed an active love of reading!

I'm looking forward to seeing family that I haven't seen in several years. I haven't been "home" since my Mom passed on in October of 2018.

To save on what few Paid Time Off Hours I have available at work, I'm starting my work days at 7am instead of the 8am time I usually start. Adds an hour a day to my time sheet and saves that much on my PTO. Makes my morning time rather shorter. Life. What an inconvenient hobby it can be at times!

I gotta get ready to head out for the day! Take care, my friends! Stay well!