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SnowFace Cody

Seeking Life's Adventures

They're Out There!

Meteors by Orion AND Out of Town
SnowFace Cody
First, I'd like to point out that the Orionid Meteors are around. They are supposed to peak Sunday night, October 21st, into Monday morning. These meteors are debris from Halley's Comet and average a max of around 20 per hour. The meteors radiate from the area of Orion's elbow (on our left, his right)--look above the bright shoulder star Betelgeuse, which is a red supergiant. The link below has good information, including a timetable and animated graphic that shows where to look. Of course, midnight (and after) is the best time for meteor viewing!


The other thing:

My Mother's health has taken a serious turn for the worse. The medical assessment is that she won't live much longer (we're talking days to weeks here). So, rather than attend her funeral, MyJeff and I are leaving for North Dakota today for a few days to spend a little time with her. At 97 years old and very ill, she will likely not notice my presence very much; but even a moment here and there of her knowing I'm there, I'm holding her hand, I'm reading to her, or whatever, will be worth it for her and for me.

Obviously, my "every third day posting" thing is in suspension for now. I KNOW you all will understand and wish me well.

Take care, my friends.

Okay, So I Don't Do a Very Good Job of Night Photos . . .
SnowFace Cody
Last night the Moon and Mars were marvelous. I could NOT resist trying, even though I had no tripod and would have done better with one.

Here are a few shots:

The fat tentacles in the lower left are treetop branches. I was tiring and couldn't hold still for the entire exposure, so Mars got a bit squiggly.

If you have clear skies, the evening has some very nice views available right now. FYI: The Moon is waxing at 71% illuminated.

Enjoy your day, my friends.

They're Baaa-aack!
SnowFace Cody
Due to the weeks and weeks of cloudy skies and the long summer days, I haven't seen my star friends in way WAY WAY too long. But this morning the clouds are gone! (Other than one small, puffy lost little lamb skittering across in the east, chasing after her flock.)

Orion, with his faithful Sirius at his heels, dominates in the south. Brilliant stars arch directly overhead so that I am in danger of falling over backward from bending back to gape at them. It has been so long that I've forgotten which of those overhead glows are my Gemini twins Castor and Pollux. But they're out there now!

The Big Dipper (the Plough to my friends in Great Britain) is also visible to the North, tipping on its handle. Guiding us to locate Polaris so we can orient ourselves and better understand where we're going. (Now I needn't feel quite so lost, eh?)

The Boys have finally awakened and come down to join me. I think I'll pour another cup of coffee, take my folding chair out back, and give my returned star friends a few more minutes of admiration while my dogs wander the yard.

Enjoy the day, my friends!

A Most-Happy Birthday to Man_of_Snows!
SnowFace Cody
I hope your day today is extra special in all Good Ways!


           HAVE A GREAT DAY, man_of_snows!!

So That Happened . . .
SnowFace Cody

Just after 9:00 yesterday morning, MyJeff stepped out front with The Boys. He quickly stepped back into the house, his eyes wide and excited like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. "It's SNOWING!" he said, then ducked back out. Of course, I grabbed the camera and followed. These photos were taken within about 10-15 minutes of the snowfall's start. Snow continued for an hour or so, completing a lovely white cover of our grass. But, with 40 F temps, it all melted away quickly.

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"Blame it on Arrow and Vinnie" . . .
SnowFace Cody

We left home in the morning to pick up a couple of library books (completed with no complications); pull some cash from the ATM (again, no complications); and walk the dogs somewhere other than our neighborhood (ummmm...).

Since I strained my hip and leg at work this past week and need to take care with a cane on longer walking, I conscientiously  took along my aluminum cane. On our way to choosing a walk venue for the morning, we were stopped by the red light at the corner of east Lake Street and 36th Ave. I commented on the adjacent Tim Horton's occupying the old White Castle site there for the last year or 2, and how Louise Penny's Quebec cops always brought Tim Horton's doughnuts and coffee to the murder scene in her novels.

Of course, we ended up stopping in to take out Tim Horton's cuisine for the first time, skipping to a nearby park we hadn't walked in some time to consume our breakfast sandwiches, doughnuts, MyJeff's coffee, and my nummy caramel hot chocolate. After Second Breakfast, my darlin' husband led The Boys around the park while I dug in to one of my just acquired library books and sipped hot chocolate.

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Wishing An Amazingly Delightful Birthday to . . .
SnowFace Cody
. . . My Friend carbonel!

Have a Fantastic Birthday, Young Woman!

May today be an even Happier Day than you'd hoped for.

Boy! These Triplet Days Go Past Quickly!
SnowFace Cody
But I'm HERE! I remembered and I made it here.

Work is a little MAD just now. For some reason, this is the week that every second person in Minneapolis has decided they want to vote by absentee ballot and have sent in paper applications and boy-oh-boy! have they signed up through the online request system! When I signed on to work the online queue yesterday, there were 670-some requests to process. Throughout the day we pretty much had 3 or 4 of us working that queue--other than the half hour lunch. At the end of the day--several of us stayed an extra hour, the online queue was down to 170-some when we finally called the day "done". Because, of course, people continued adding to it during the day.

The thousands of ballots that were mailed yesterday (I forget what the count was) used up almost all the pre-stuffed envelopes and stuffing more of those is on the priority list for today. In addition to doing the online queue and the paper apps, of course! The boss said we could come in half an hour early today, which I'm trying to do.

Need every extra hour's pay I can get, while the job lasts. And that election is coming mighty fast. Which means the end of the job is looming.

But the day surely flies past like a hawk stooping on a mouse.

Must move along here. BTW: Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? So, if you've been thinking about doing so, you could celebrate the designated special month for adopting a homeless dog by adopting that fuzzy bundle of tail-wagging love sometime over the next three weeks.

I'm just sayin' . . .
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What's Doin'? . . . Or Planning To Do?
SnowFace Cody
I'm determined to be better, to be more consistent, to be a little creative, to be an ACTIVE LJ participant. I'm impatient with my own sloth. Therefore, even when I have little news or inspiration to communicate, I intend to make a concerted effort to post SOMETHING at least every third day for the next couple of months. When I write that I'll post SOMETHING, I mean something that I have produced, whether words or photographs or a basic combination thereof. Just pasting in something from someone/somewhere else will not count in my tally.

This is my goal. Feel free to remind me, if I miss it. Kind encouragement as I work to improve my current bad habit would be most effective. I'm kind of contrarily stubborn when people are mean or pushy. Really. Just ask MyJeff. He's managed to notice--somehow. (Not that I expect any meanness from any of you, my friends. Just typing. Ya know?)

We'll be heading west for the afternoon. The Boys stay home, sadly. But MyJeff and I will be attending the celebration of the 40th Wedding Anniversary of one of his cousins. He's looking forward to seeing that section of his family, since we rarely have the opportunity to do so.

I've also been making small inroads on the clutter and disarray of our house. It's a loooonnnnng and winding road. Very. Each little bit of cleanup is one smoothed-out bump in my daily road. Trust me: my daily road tends to be rather bouncy. *Think a Paul Lynde-type pronunciation of "bouncy" in there for me, please.*

Since tomorrow's Indigenous People's Day is a day off work for city employees, but not for MyJeff, I'll have the afternoon all to myself to pick a project or two. In addition to the cooking/baking I'm already planning to do, that is.

One of those potential afternoon's projects revolves around making a space to return to my writing. Perhaps having a space that is more than the 2 feet by 15 inches of room surrounding and including this laptop, will allow my mind to begin flexing and creating again as I find room to physically stretch and reach. Although that particular project will be mostly noticeable in a positive way to me while probably heading toward negative for MyJeff since it will require clearing out old accumulations of his things and boxing them for storage elsewhere than in the study, I think that might be what I need to do. Or at least get a start on. 'Cause there's a LOT of papers, cigar boxes, 15-year-old documents, and more decade-or-older stacks-o-stuff to be dealt with. Once I have them boxed up, the storing somewhere part is up to my loving husband.

I think you can see where I'm seeing negative impact for him.

Wish me fortitude, my friends.

Metro Transit Infuriated Me Last Night
SnowFace Cody
The Light Rail Train (LRT) dropped me at the 38th Street Station at 4:53 p.m.

"GREAT!" I thought, "In plenty of time to catch the 5:06 22B bus. Yay!"

The electronic schedule sign listed the 22B as Due in 15 minutes. Okay. A couple of minutes late, but no problem.

*sigh* I won't go into details of the long tale of the listing on the sign disappearing, returning, disappearing, listing ANOTHER 15 minute delay, etc. As the clouds darkened and the breeze cooled and increased. As OTHER buses came and went.

Half an hour after I got off the LRT, the clouds began dropping fat raindrops. About 3 minutes later, a 22H bus which follows the same route as the 22B and can take me within half a block of home pulled into the boarding lot. Seconds after 3 of us boarded, the rain GUSHED out of the sky accompanied by lashing wind and lightning! My walk home from the disembarking corner led me through flash flood streams in the street gutters and shivering puddle-lakes on sidewalk low spots. I was drenched from toes to top by the time I walked onto my front porch!

All because the 22B bus never arrived.

I do plan to make a formal complaint to Metro Transit, since this is definitely not the first time that 22B was an on-again-gone-again listing on the sign &/or just never showed. But I need to be calmer about it when I call. The customer service person doesn't deserve to listen to the kind of language I was muttering last night. And in the early hours of this morning (2:30-ish).

I know they have problems finding drivers, but REALLY! If you need to remove a run from the schedule, Just Do It! Don't lead customers astray in their expectations!