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Scavenge Day One 2014
SnowFace Cody
I planned to post a nice summation of my Friday Scavenging complete with photos and humorous observations over the weekend. Well ... here it is, early Monday morning and no photos, no clever observations crafted, no witty list compiled. So, I'll give a quickie synopsis today and try to do more and better by late tomorrow with some photos. (Holiday weekends are just too busy and disappear entirely too quickly.)

Two friends joined me in my scavenge expedition, and they found fun and useful items to take home with them. I managed to find some sellable stuff as well as some books and such for me. A friend asked if I'd watch for a floor lamp for her: the day turned into the Day of the Lamps! Floor lamps were everywhere, and if no floor lamps, then desk lamps, track lighting, ceiling light fixtures of many kinds waved at me as I drove by. (I'm denying hearing any whispering of my name when I happened to stop to look through what was piled next to said lighting.) I brought home two nice floor lamps, although I haven't yet checked whether they work. The pretty hanging lamp with long fringe that I'm keeping does work. And somehow a contemporary working desk lamp got loaded into Shadow. Found quite a few toys and some games, a quality unused leather laptop bag and a used nylon one, a nice vintage wooden bedside table/stand, and some collectible vintage Tonka and Nylint and Structo ERTL fire trucks that I'll probably take to the auction house even though they are well-used. Also brought home a working programmable Mr. Coffee coffee maker, Waring hand mixer (one beater needs to be replaced), and some very nice purses. So, nothing that's going to let me retire to the Caribbean or anything like that. But a few interesting items that I can manage a small profit on--despite the cost of gas used.

Spent much of my open time this weekend sorting, cleaning, researching, and pricing. Still have quite a collection waiting to be dealt with before the week is over and another minivan load arrives Friday evening.

You should have seen the variety of nifty furniture and Oriental-type rugs I had to pass on. Sigh. I need a trailer for my minivan...

SnowFace Cody
Arrow & Apr17Snow

What more is there to say?

Happy Birthday!
SnowFace Cody
Happy birthday, jongibbs! I hope today is extra special for you.

15 Minutes/3 Pages #13
SnowFace Cody
If you're new here and you're interested, you can get the first installments of the story by clicking on "15 Minutes" in the tags list in the right hand column. The first 9 are compiled into one which I posted on March 10th or thereabouts. As always, if you have comments about my writing exercise story, feel free ....

Installment 13:

Two spots of pale yellow glowed in the dark, moving toward her, bobbing in unison. Her heart pounded as though she'd been running miles in this darkness. A second pair of glaring yellow spots followed the first. Uneasiness clenched her stomach muscles. A third and a fourth gathered around the first two pairs. Her uneasiness quickly grew to fear ... to terror ... but not for herself.

With a jolt of panic, she noticed the blurred, blanket-wrapped bundle lying on the ground between her and the approaching yellow spots she now realized were eyes. Fangs stained an uglier yellow gleamed below the eyes.

... and Bill slept in deep oblivion as the creatures crept closer.

"BILL!" Sally jerked awake, screaming her eldest brother's name. She scrambled from bed, shoving her legs into trousers even as she ran for the bedroom door and shouted for Gary, "Bring the swords, Gary! Bill needs us! HurryHurry!"

She didn't notice the tears of fear streaming down her cheeks, but Gary did even before he reached her side. "What happened, Sally? Where's Bill?" He wrapped his free arm around her. The other clutched the blades she'd called for.

"An Evil is stalking Bill, and he's asleep. Something is blocking his senses. He doesn't feel it coming! They're going to kill him, Gary. We have to go there NOW!"

If you'd like to continue ...Collapse )

Smaug and Emma B.
SnowFace Cody
We went to Riverview, the discount theater not far from our home, to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug last night. LotsOFun! I told MyJeff he could get me the DVD for my birthday. Would rather not wait until Christmas.

Now I need to get ready to head off to sip coffee and listen to Emma Bull at the Minn-Speculative Fiction meeting. Wonder if she'll remember/recognize me. It's been a lot of years and there is a LOT more of me than there used to be.

Glory Days
SnowFace Cody
I followed a link to another LJ-er's pages and found interests in common and challenges of interest.

I've already accepted the challenge to belly dance at least a few minutes Every Day for the next 90 days. Phew! Started today and I know there will be pain, but it was a fun start. I took it easy and danced to music from Enya's Watermark album, since I couldn't find my old belly dance tapes when I wanted to dance. I'll have to dig those out in the morning.

Anyone want to join in? I'll be sending the link below to my troupe members of yester-year for whom I have email.

Then I found (at the same LJ--and, yes, I've messaged to say "I want to friend you") the reading challenge of Once Upon a Time at the link below. Although I'm weeks late in starting, I'll be hopping onto this one too. Just sounds too much fun to miss any longer.

Two things here to pull me away from my keyboard and the internet. A good thing, actually.

Thursday Thinking Follow-Up
SnowFace Cody
A couple of weeks ago I posted about spring and the butterflies and the bees. As you may recall, one of the things I'm concerned about is the reduction in numbers of the Monarch butterfly. We used to see multiple Monarchs flutter through our yard pretty much every week--often in pairs or trios, partly thanks to the then neighbor's dedicated efforts at wide-spread gardening. In the last few years, we've seen fewer Monarchs than ever, and last summer those very few were solo appearances.

Since the garden-guru neighbor's death several years ago, I've tried to keep some of the herbs and definitely the milkweed that she had grown (and that migrated into my yard) going. My most successful attempts (mainly because I don't have to do much) involve milkweed, which Monarch caterpillars eat. The efforts of urban lawn nurturers and those of rural crop producers have seriously limited the availability of the common milkweed for Monarchs' use in reproduction. The big ol' milkweed isn't a very pretty plant, although the blooms are actually quite nice--while they last.

More here, with photos ...Collapse )

National Pet Day on Friday, April 11
SnowFace Cody
Did you know we have a National Pet Day? On April 11. I saw an ad for it on the Give site this morning. It was established nine years ago and is intended to bring attention to the manymany animals in shelters waiting for forever homes. Especially those hundreds of animals who run out of time and are killed daily. Their website is:

The message I read mentioned giving up something unnecessary that you want to buy (cup of coffee, another pair of shoes, whatever) and donating that money to a shelter to help keep these animals alive. Not a bad idea, and something most anyone can do. Better yet, in my opinion, is their slogan: Adopt, Don't Shop. Adopt a shelter animal as a pet, do not buy from a pet store (often supplied with puppies from puppy mill horror mills) or even from a breeder.

If you don't have any pets in your life--think about it. A cat or a dog can bring more love, entertainment, and outright joy than most anything/anyone else. I know many of you do have pets. Maybe this week we could all try encouraging the friends/family who are pet-deprived to consider adding a loving furball to their lives. Think what a gift that could be.

Of course, donating a little money is also helpful. As is a free daily click at all the charity buttons at

This PSA has been brought to you by my conscience, inspired by Arrow and Vinnie.

SnowFace Cody
All right, you guys, with your crocuses, your celandine & primroses, your tulips, your jade...Here's the first of my new daffodils a-borning. Take THAT, you fine-weather show-offs! HAH!

Take a look at THIS...Collapse )

Sunday Sunrise
SnowFace Cody
I took my dogs, a mug of hot coffee, and a cushion for the cold plastic chair seat and sat on the back deck to watch the sun rise this morning. Bundled in a warm winter jacket, with wooly slippers on my feet, I settled in for the show.

The sun's entrance to the day had moved four houses north since the last time I paid attention to the sunrise. Arrow and Vinnie soon returned to the deck, demanded I put the darned coffee down, and fulfill my dog-petting duty. Forthwith! As a loving dog-mom (and push-over), I complied--for a while.

Our resident flock of sparrows chirped an unceasing chorus with more lovely solos interspersed by birds I couldn't recognize. Wild geese flew over in pairs and small V-groups, their echoing calls heralding their appearance. A robin landed on the neighbor's fence about 10 feet away from me, his red-orange chest the most colorful thing in sight. Although I kept very still, he only perched for a few seconds before flying away on his business. An egret flew by almost directly overhead, an exercise of unexpected grace.

Even after the boys decided they'd had enough chill, fresh air and went inside to nap on their warm bed pillows, I stayed outside, listening to the bird song. The peace and stillness held me.

A fine way to start this day.

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