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I have an interview scheduled for Saturday afternoon!

It's for a part time retail job at Marbles: The Brain Store. The job sounds like a fun challenge, although working Saturdays isn't exactly on my preferred list. But this could be a good opportunity.

Part of why I'm so pleased is that this is the first job I've applied for in this round of Job Hunt: The Movie. I filled out the online application and uploaded my resume and cover letter yesterday morning. By end of yesterday, I had a phone message to call them. Managed to do so early this afternoon and we scheduled the interview.

(No, you didn't miss anything ... I still have the auction house job, but the physical pain and the 80 mile round trip have worn me down. Other things aren't exactly positive either, so I'm looking for something more accommodating.)

I need to go to Savers and try to find a decent interview outfit. *Sigh* I hate shopping. It's almost worse than job hunting. Oh well ... Maybe I'll find something tres cool.

It's MONDAY!!!!
SnowFace Cody
... And the last Monday of the month, at that! How? HOW? How do the weeks and months jump past me like this?

I've been hoping for time and special events to write about. You'll have to settle for a little chit-chatty rambling before I go make our Monday lunches and head off to work.

I've started a temporary, very part-time project helping a professional woman organize her home office and analyze her needs for KEEPING the office organized. Could turn into more long-term, but is just a few hours a week so will help but won't take over for the current job that I'm looking to replace. Came home pretty tired Friday night with a new soreness in the right knee. Hopefully the physical elements will lighten as things get organized.

Saturday evening we hosted our first official fire bowl event of the season. I know... The last Saturday of July and we finally light up the fire bowl! The weather was great for it. Warm, but with the slight cool edge that makes a fire most attractive. Stars came out to watch over us as the evening darkened. The last guests left close to midnight. A couple of friends drove over from Wisconsin (we've got to arrange for them to car pool next time) and several neighbors dropped in and out over the evening. Before the fire, we went to Curran's restaurant with the Wisconsin friends for supper. A very nice meal with excellent company made for a great start to the evening. Although one of the neighbors called when we were on our way home, asking where we were so she could sit by the fire for a while. Ooops.

Sunday MyJeff, Arrow, Vinnie, and I attended my first-ever Storage Unit Auction! We knew we wouldn't be able to buy anything (tight finances combined with No Home Storage Space Left Open), but decided the rare weekend event shouldn't be missed. Just to experience it, you know. Let me tell you ... it sure wasn't as exciting and tense as those television shows make it out to be. Not that I hadn't suspected that would be the case, but you know how it is: you hope for a little drama and entertainment at least, when you know you aren't going to manage any profit. Pretty much the most dramatic moment was when one little boy in a Spiderman suit, uh, needed to be taken back to the car to have his outfit changed.

Two young brothers fell in love with Vinnie and Arrow and kept sitting beside them, petting them. Of course, a number of people petted our fur boys and asked questions before the auction started. One woman insisted on giving them water by pouring from her bottle into her hand, then rubbing the last drips on their faces. MyJeff had their drinking bottle clipped to his back pocket and had been offering it to them periodically. But people worry, you know.

On the way home, we acquiesced to temptation and stopped at the combination KFC and A&W for food. It was good.

Now I'm running late. Gotta go.

Quickie Catch-up
SnowFace Cody
Wow! Looking at my Journal calendar, I see that I've been a pathetic poster this month. I'm sorry to have been so remiss in my journaling. Will do better.

Unfortunately, I've only a few minutes before preparing for work today, so here goes:

Last week's weather was almost as "perfect" as the weather forecasters kept claiming. Although Friday and Saturday (when I had my "make-up" garage sale--because of getting stormed out in June) produced threatening clouds and a bit of blustery wind, they did NOT rain on my parade/sale. Sadly, not many of the shoppers were willing to part with cash and some of those who wanted stuff expected me to sell things for 25 or 50 cents. I do get tired of the folks who think that anything in a garage sale should be sold for next to nothing. They wouldn't argue down the price at the Thrift Shop. On the proverbial Other Hand, some of the customers were Way Cool. Long conversation with an artist I'd met casually at the science fiction convention earlier this month; chatted with couples from Nebraska and from Thief River Falls, MN, from the northwestern part of the state; a dynamic mother-daughter duo from Crookston and Fargo; and another couple who spent time in Holland where my maternal grandfather originated. Many people petted Vinnie and Arrow. I didn't make all that much money, so the bills get to wait a bit, but we made some headway.

Both days, friends came to help and to keep me company: Thank you, huladavid, Linda and Jim, and Keith.

However, MyJeff took a photo of a lovely lily from alongside the garage. I planted the lilies there many years ago but I haven't seen them bloom in a few years. This one is a lovely surprise from Mom Nature.

YellowLily Garage July2014

MyJeff's back is improving, thanks to being VERY careful and having chiropractic adjustments (Thank God and President Obama for health care we can afford). But our weather is now turning to the Hot and Humid levels and he is always miserable with that. So are The Boys, of course. We've been pretty lucky to have had such a delay in shifting to the real summer weather.

The auction house is back to a sale every Thursday, which helps the budget. In fact, my leisure morning time is now over. I need to make lunches. Get dressed. All that good stuff.

Berry De-lish-ee-us
SnowFace Cody
My raspberries have been ready for their first picking of the year for a couple/few days, but I just managed to get 'er done this morning.

1st raspberry pick 2014

I'm thinking a devil's food rasperry upside down crockpot cake for dessert tomorrow night.

Since I still have to get the lawn mowed and all the weed-seed laden clippings bagged before I can take my shower and head off to work the auction tonight, I'm sticking with this oh-so-short post today. Will try for better tomorrow.

Morning Chorus
SnowFace Cody
When I stepped onto our back deck around 5:30 this morning, the birds were singing a "Hallelujah Chorus" of harmonious parts that soared through my heart. It was a beautiful way to greet the day.

SnowFace Cody
Spent 7 hours at the convention hotel yesterday, setting up computers and helping arrange the room for our registration department. When I left at 7:30 p.m., they were still working on it. I'm due back at 8:30 this morning. Since I neglected to sign up for specific shifts ahead of time, they scheduled me for first shift EVERY DAY. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but--since we cancelled our hotel rooms--I have to drive to the hotel during rush hour each morning. Bleech!

Anyway, it's going to be a long day every day for the rest of the week and over the weekend. It SHOULD be long and fun days. But only time will tell. Yesterday did have definite elements of fun mixed in with the work--played with some children, held a few-weeks-old baby for a while, got a surprise good-bye hug and kiss from a 4 year-old boy who is normally a bit of a challenge (more likely to hit or kick than kiss), oh ... and managed a bit of visiting with adults too.

I probably won't manage to read and comment much for the next few days, if at all. Apologies in advance ... I'll try to catch up after the weekend.

To all of you here in The States: Happy Independence Day! Have fun. Be safe.

Summer Solstice Effects
SnowFace Cody
When I stepped onto the back deck around 5:15 this morning, temps were cool (somewhere in the upper 60s F) and the skies clear. I say "clear" meaning no clouds, but ... I particularly noticed today that the pale blue sky was clear of stars also even that early. Mid-summer season, don'tcha know. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac website, Dawn occurred at one minute before 3:00 today, with sunrise a couple of hours later.

Makes morning star-gazing a bit more difficult to manage.

On mid-summer: The theme for this weekend's SF Convention Con-vergence is "A Midsummer Night's Dream". We ought to re-watch it on Netflix tonight. Unfortunately, neither our favorite version (Stanley Tucci as Puck, Kevin Kline as Bottom) nor an intriguing 1935 version we've never seen (James Cagney, Mickey Rooney, etc) are available for streaming. Will have to settle for the only version that is available. If we watch it, I'll comment on it here.

Now That Summer Has Arrived ...
SnowFace Cody
This morning we took The Boys to a dog park in a suburb this morning, where things are generally a little quieter than the park down by the airport. We try to get going early enough to let Arrow and Vinnie have fun running around and playing before it gets too hot for them. Today wasn't too bad, although we all did stay in shade as much as we could. The Boys had a good time.

A young border collie and a trim and muscular basset hound (the only trim basset I've ever seen) gleefully played and chased and fetched and wrestled with our boys. We also met a quiet cockapoo, a pit bull boy that trailed along--periodically sprawling on cool grass in shade, a cute little black girl that yipped with stereotypical regularity, and a pair of tennis-ball-chasing golden retrievers. And their people. There were other dogs and people, of course, with whom we didn't really interact.

Saw a couple of large-ish dragonflies with black-and-white banded wings. Naturally, since I didn't bring the camera, one of them insisted on teasing me by flying past and around me repeatedly. I can't ID dragonflies, but these were very cool.

I DID take the camera the last time we went to the park so here are a couple of shots from Thursday's expedition:

Photos Here ...Collapse )

Con-Vergence Coming Soon
SnowFace Cody
The one science fiction convention that MyJeff and I have been going to for the last few years starts this week. I'm in the Registration Department, so will be there working the day before it opens. We had a room reserved at the overflow hotel across the street, but had to cancel yesterday. Financial issues.

Last Saturday, MyJeff wrenched his back. This week he missed 3 days of work because of pain and even re-wrenched his back the second day he worked. He's been hurting all week--using alternating heating pad/frozen vegetable package applications, arnica gel, back stretching exercises, etc. Still in pain. As a courier, if he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid. The auction house where I work is skipping a week each month of the summer so my income is reduced. Only makes sense to skip the $500+ credit card charges for the hotel and deal with driving to the hotel fairly early each morning. Parking is at a premium, but early in the day--not so bad.

A nice family with 2 keesies of their own are going to dog sit the boys for us, while we do the convention.

Not as carefree and fun as we'd like, but a do-able compromise for us.

Forgot Camera Again
SnowFace Cody
Yestereve MyJeff, the boys, and I picked up our friend KS and her 2 keesies and drove up to the annual cookout at our keeshond breeder friends' place. (I didn't remember that I forgot the camera until we'd been there about an hour. I hate that my memory has become so unreliable!)

This cookout coincides with a nearby dog show and many participants join the friends and extended family folks (and dogs) at the LadySlipper Kees house and their way-huge backyard. Much food is prepped, cooked, and consumed. Much conversation happens. More-than-much canine enthusiasm and play erupts all over the place.

We all have a good time.

If I remember correctly, the unofficial count of dogs came to 23 this year. Often the pack includes non-keeshond dogs, but this year only keesies were there. Watching nearly 2 dozen dogs charge from one side of the sort-of horseshoe-shaped back yard to the other and back again; seeing a bounding, fuzzy mass of dogs pouring out of (or into) the back door; being graced with a personal invitation to admire and pet a changing montage of dogs; and getting fed good food to boot is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening in June.

Sorry about forgetting the camera because I REALLY wanted to get some photos. However--remember our friend KS who rode with us? Well ... she brought her camera in shape of a cell phone and took several photos. I asked her to send me one or two to post up here for you all to see. I'll get that up as soon as I can.


The LadySlipper Kees website is:

You can find photos of past cookouts, puppies, etc there. Warning: those puppies are mighty adorable.

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