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Winter Knocked on the Door ...

... and then waltzed right in and sat down for what I suspect will be a months-long visit.

The snowfall started around 8:00 yesterday morning with nice, fluffy flakes, and continued off and on throughout the morning and into the afternoon. According to, we received a little over one and a quarter inch of snow yesterday. Temps for the next week and a half are looking to stay in the 30s F with more rain &/or snow at the beginning of the week.

I'm thinking: Spring is a long way away. Sigh.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving celebration with MyJeff's cousins. The food was great. The conversation was interesting and fun. And our dogs behaved well, playing nicely with the smaller Corgi boy and NOT consuming every bone, rawhide, &/or trachea in sight--or even the ones hidden under furniture. We honored tradition by eating more than is wise and spending much of the afternoon and evening sitting at the table for our conversations, getting up on occasion for dessert treats &/or beverages.

I hope all of my US friends also enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day. And for those of you over the Big Waters, I hope your weekend is extra super-terrific.

Tonight we should be able to view the full moon rather well around here. I'm planning to remember to get my well-bundled butt outside for a little bit of sky-watching this evening. Need to start acclimatizing myself for the encroaching cold season.
SnowFace Cody

Happy Birthday, Vinnie!

I meant to post this yesterday--Vinnie's 8th birthday--but, as usual, the day ran away from me. So ... before I have to run away to work, I wanted to mention that our sweet Vinnie turned 8 years old yesterday.

Here's a photo of him from earlier this month:

SnowFace Cody

Crispy, Sunny Morn

According to current weather forecasts, today and tomorrow may very well be our Farewell days to Autumn. Or, at least, to the gentle side of Autumn. I hope to get a couple of outdoor-ish chores/projects done today before I work my 3 pm to 10 pm shift. If I don't manage them today, I'll push harder tomorrow so I don't have to deal with cold rain &/or the "wintry mix" that is forecast for Thanksgiving Day.

Just a bit more yard prep/pick-up, a little holiday decorating for the yard, and photographing some holiday items I want to post up on craigslist. I'm hoping to do the photography outside for the better light, cleaner background, and larger available space. My house is a teeny-tiny bit over crowded. *coughcoughcough*

MyJeff is planning to spend this morning and howevermuch of this afternoon helping a friend finish winterizing his yard and house. The friend recently took a fall while working on said winterizing, dislocating his shoulder which is delaying the surgery he was supposed to have. So, MyJeff is going to do what he can to help.

I also need to put in at least one application this morning: H&R Block where I worked last winter and spring. My manager from there emailed a group of us, asking us to re-apply, if we want to work there again. I do want to, but must receive more than the $8.50 an hour I was paid last year. Even $10/hour is likely not enough, so I'm struggling with my decision on just what pay range to ask for. Especially since some income is better than none.

Or perhaps I can find other openings that might work for me. Better start looking for them now.
SnowFace Cody

Excuse Post

I need to leave for work in less than an hour, but want to let y'all know we're still kickin'.

However ... I almost wasn't kickin' due to Thursday's awful winds which slammed The Mighty Steed of Smoke and Shadows' door shut a split second after I yanked my left leg inside. Rocked the minivan and shook the heck out of me. I truly believe my leg would have been broken at the minimum. Possibly crushed. Very glad I heard the heavy gust of wind coming through nearby trees in time to yank.

MyJeff and I have pretty much concluded that we won't be able to go to North Dakota for Christmas or New Year this year. We'll probably do a small Christmas with a couple of friends instead.

Must move along now. Enjoy your day!
SnowFace Cody

Nothing Much New HereAbouts

A little after 4:00 yesterday afternoon, MyJeff received a call from one of the companies he's applied to for a job in Customer Service. He's currently getting ready for the interview he and the caller scheduled for 10:00 this morning. As always: fingers are crossed here.

Yesterday we ran errands in the determinedly-falling rain. According to the Weather Underground site, we received an inch and 3 tenths yesterday. More rain is forecast for today although the temperature is around 54 degrees F, so not too bad. Breezy, though. One of yesterday's errands took us to PetSmart for more dog food. While at PetSmart, we used the Veterinarian's scale to weigh Vinnie and Arrow. Vinnie--who came to us at 82 1/2 pounds 3 1/2 years ago--weighed in at 47.3 pounds! Yay! Arrow is a trim 41.2 pounds.

I'm working from 11:30 this morning until 7 tonight. Tomorrow: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday: 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday: 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. And next week is different. The week after that is different still, starting with Sunday the 29th from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. (I DID volunteer to work that Sunday, rather than chance getting drafted for some Sunday I really don't want to work.) I HAVE TO write my schedule down in a pocket calendar and check it frequently to ensure I don't miss my work hours. Any questions as to why I'm looking for a different job?

BTW! I finally managed to finish To Kill A Mockingbird. Not that I didn't enjoy the book, or want to read it... I just have had difficulty finding more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time for reading for weeks and weeks. The ambiance, voice, and story weren't exactly what I expected, but they were fascinating. Also, a friend gave me 3 steampunk/sorcery books starting a series, and I've been switching my 5-minute reads between Mockingbird and the first of that trio. I really need to reorganize my life.
SnowFace Cody

CRVFW Christmas 2015 -- Day Two

Friday afternoon, we decided to pull the Mr. Christmas electric ornaments out of their boxes for display, despite what a Big Production effort it takes to put them back in again. They did look and sound much better properly displayed. I had the Ferris Wheels decor still-in-the-box and labeled to indicate the problems I'd found when originally testing it: music not working and one Ferris Wheel not turning. Therefore, the price was low, but no one showed interest. Saturday morning, I decided to pull the Ferris Wheels out as well. After it had been powered up for about half an hour, we noticed that all 3 Wheels were now rotating. Turning on the sound, we found that it had also decided to function properly after warming up for a while. I raised the marked price.

The morning wore on with our concern mounting by the half-hour. Shoppers trickled past, some looking &/or tasting, but none buying. Input from other vendors also indicated slow-to-medium sales. Our first sale finally came at 12:40 p.m. when a tall, older lady purchased a zucchini mini-loaf. Then she moved to the end of our tables and was captured by the Mr. Christmas Ferris Wheels musical decoration. AND SHE BOUGHT IT!

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Star Progression Part 2

Since I've decided I'm taking today off--mostly, anyway--I enjoyed a good half hour of pre-dawn star watching and relaxing with my mug of hot coffee on the back deck this morning.

Regulus is closing in on the apex of the sky dome with Jupiter and Venus fairly evenly dividing the line from apex to horizon and stopping about a third of the way above said horizon. Mars is still glowing orangely, if dimly, a few degrees above Venus. My walk down the back sidewalk to check out more of the western sky revealed Orion tipping back toward that horizon looking ready to lie down for the day. Big Dipper still pours its largesse on the cosmos in the northeast quadrant of the morning sky, still pointing the way to Polaris, the Marker of the North.
SnowFace Cody

CRVFW Christmas 2015 -- Day One

Man-Oh-Man! Am I glad I took the time to bake!

With the first day being Friday, I didn't expect big sales. Good thing. Sales were--to put it mildly--sparse: 6 in total over the 7 hours the sale was open to the public. Four of those six sales were bread.

My tables are directly across the room from the door and one man stopped in the doorway to scan the room, then strode straight over to my display of breads. "FOOD!" he said. "That's what I want." I sold him a medium loaf of zucchini bread. I did NOT point out the concession window at the other end of the room where he could buy sloppy joes and more. I'm sure he found it on his own later. I still have several loaves of each type, so didn't spend last night baking more. Although I DID consider doing so.

Nope...not much in sales, but I had some great conversations with people! Ranging from nostalgia prompted by my vintage Christmas decor to an older gentleman's knife collection (around 200 knives apparently) to the injustices of physiological changes in us aging women to the vagaries of sales and shoppers. Despite making very little money yesterday, I had a good time. Naturally, I'm hoping to have another good time today, but with more and bigger sales numbers.

Some photos and commentary:

The stretch of my two tables of goods. Below here is a close up of the quick breads display and a few other household and potential gift items. Atop the bread box are 3 cranberry cornbreads, on the lower level at the left is carrot apple with zucchini on the right.
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Holy Tick Tock, Batgirl! It's Already Friday Eve!

And I was certain yesterday was Sunday!

Wasn't it?

Ahhh, nuts...there I go, losing track of the days again.

Work's been rather intense and busy. And I have my second Holiday Sale tomorrow and Saturday. Am still looking for a third sale and would like a fourth. Had a telephone interview for a Customer Support Representative doing software tech support phone work and other such for a company that provides training software. Sounds rather exciting and it tracks pretty well with a lot of my past experience. We'll see whether I get the call for a second telephone interview. That would be nice.

I've done a bit of baking to try to up sales. Zucchini bread, carrot apple bread, and cranberry cornbread are all I managed to complete. I'd hoped to do a couple of new ones: Honey-cheesy crescents and Mounds mini-loaf cakes. But ran out of time and sugar.

Will do a better post after the sale. I hope you all have a super weekend and--if you locals find yourselves looking for something "different" to do between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Friday the 13th or Saturday the 14th, come up to the Coon Rapids VFW Holiday Flea Market (indoor) and see me. We'll be at 1919 Coon Rapids Blvd. All the other vendors will be pleased to see you too--but I'll have the most fun stuff.
SnowFace Cody

First Time at Hamline Church Holiday Marketplace

Such a nice bunch of people! But not much in the way of sales, I'm afraid. However, I did sell a couple of items I really wanted to sell, and didn't have to bargain with every other buyer. Also, the Church Ladies putting this event on provided free coffee and cookies throughout the day AND pizza and hot wings at lunch time!!!!! This largesse was definitely a welcome first for me. Although, I'd rather see them keep the lunch money and cut back on the cost of table rental. The only reason I could afford to sell there at all was because I was offered a table for which another vendor had already paid, but had to cancel, telling the organizers to keep the rental fee. Sooooo, the nice lady running it told me I could have the table and pay what I could.

I told you this is a nice bunch of people.

Our one 8 foot long table sat between a woman on a card table selling homemade, organic jams and other preserved foods like rhubarb ketchup and lemon lavender applesauce (Both of which I tasted and would have purchased if I had disposable cash. She completely sold out of her cherry vanilla jam and--I think--the lemon blackberry jam. Basically, she sold a lot of jars of her excellent product.) and another nice lady who sat knitting away and selling her infinity scarves, cowls, and boot cuffs. She also packed up a lot less than she arrived with.

Obviously, I need to shift my product line, since vintage and collectible items have a reasonable interest factor but a much less active acquisition draw. I'm going to try to find time to bake some quick breads and maybe mini chocolate cakes before this Friday and Saturday's sale at the Coon Rapids VFW Holiday Sale.

Anyway ... MyJeff took photos as we finished set-up:

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