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A Weekend of Nothing Special

We took The Boys to the dog park both days. MyJeff did a lot of yard work and I did a little yard work. I did quite a lot of homework, finishing everything assigned. We ran a few errands 'round-about town. We were naughty at the Sunrise Donut Shop on south Lyndale Ave--those are tasty treats they make. A fire bowl almost happened Saturday evening but ... not. I watched part of the Minnesota Book Awards program on Public TV feeling envy, pleasure, guilt, and twitchy fingers. We had a couple of catch-up phone conversations with friends.

I've neglected to post any of the photos MyJeff took on his camera during our river cruise a couple of weeks ago since we hadn't loaded from his camera to the 'puter right away. Here's a few:

MyJeff called this "Happy Val!" and he's right:

Come Aboard!Collapse )

Orionids: 3

Right now (6:05 a.m.) the temp outside is precisely at the freezing point, according to the Thermometer Outside My Kitchen Window. The sky is as clear as can be and fairly dark considering an exceptionally bright, slightly over-half moon. I stood on the back sidewalk enjoying the stars for a very few minutes, then took another moment to project "Golden October Weather" vibes into the cosmos (Thanks to anwyn_elfmaiden for the phrase). Then I came into the house because it's colder than I want to deal with at this time. So ... I didn't manage to spot any Orionid meteors this morning.

Yesterday, on the other hand, I spent something between 45 minutes and an hour sitting in the yard, properly bundled and draped for ~ 40 F temps, and gazing up into the southern sky. (My neck is still a little sore.) I managed to glimpse three blazingly fast shooting stars swooshing into their spectacular oblivion.

My personal project of encouraging what anwyn_elfmaiden named Golden October Weather has been an intermittent effort over the last week. Some days I completely forgot to focus and project. But, the occurrence of golden weather seems to have been fairly consistent, barring the winds which Minnesota insists on providing and a couple of cloudy/gloomy days. So I am encouraged to continue the project through the rest of the month. And may try for a modified project in November.

Had the required interview with my Office Lead/Manager after Tax Pro class on Monday (she's also the instructor). It looks like my contract will take effect early in November so she can use me to help cover some office set-up hours at the couple of offices she's dealing with. This won't be doing anyone's taxes yet, of course; but will be more receptionist/organizer work, as I understand it. That's just fine with me, as long as they hand out the paycheck. Cosmos knows we can use it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were focused on homework and study this week. Yesterday, I caught up on other (neglected) chores and took The Boys for a ride and a walk. The weeks fly past almost as blazingly as those three streaks of meteoric beauty I saw yesterday morning.


Any of you locals want to come to a fire bowl the evening of Saturday the 29th to celebrate the holiday? Message me or comment here. And we can all project Golden October Weather vibes/positive thoughts for next weekend.

Fall Color Photos

Graced with lovely weather and sunshine, yesterday's dog park and Fall Color photo expedition went quite well. Ummm, that is ... until the battery in the camera "extinguished", or whatever term it displayed after the 3rd time I pulled it, rubbed the contacts, and put it back in to take a couple more pictures. So ... that little exercise in extending battery life only works for about 3 or 4 more pictures. Make 'em count!

A mix of subdued color along the highway.

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Happy Birthday, Man_of_Snows!

Here's wishing you a joyous birthday filled with beauty, friendship, and tasty treats!


Errand Zipping

The dog park was rather busy this morning, despite the thick, gloomy cloud-cover and windy conditions. We had several short chats with other dog-parents and petted the usual variety of dogs. Arrow vamped his way into plenty of petting from strangers, as well.

We drove over the Mississippi on the Mendota Bridge to check out Fall color, and found quite a lot of nice yellows and greens, but few other colors from the Snelling Park trees. Sumac, other bushes, and young maples along the roadsides provided reds and oranges to delight the eye. The stronger collection of such colors are currently being displayed about 5 or 6 miles north as one crosses the newly remodeled (and narrowed to provide wide bike and pedestrian lanes) Franklin Ave. Bridge. So things are looking pretty in some of the area. However, recent high winds have also removed some of the prettiest of the glow-ey maple leaves.

Sorry. We foolishly failed to bring a camera along. I know. I know ...

And then, we ran errands.

1) Credit Union to do money stuff
2) Clinic to pick up medication refills
3) Michael's Craft Store to look for skull and spider light strings
  3a) That stupid store didn't have any
4) Party City store to look for something to replace the unavailable skull and spider light strings
  4a) Bought Witch Hat string of 3 lights and pack of 4 electric tea lights for fake jack o lanterns
    4a i) Skull lights were either too expensive or bleh and the spider lights were just ugly
    4a ii) Other lights and such looked interesting but were too expensive &/or too high on the wall for me to reach to check them out and the staff was busy playing--either with other customers or each other
  4b) The place had staffed up, and really stocked up for Halloween
  4c) All of the staff were in costumes
    4c i) That must be a fun FUN job for all those young folks!
5) Target for usual variety of stuff
6) McDonald's for a couple of $1 ice cream cone treats
7) Arby's for a couple of sandwiches for lunper (late lunch, early supper)
8) Chicago Lake Liquors for a bottle of Old Overholt Whiskey for MyJeff

Then home. This will be a quiet evening in front of the television together. *snort...like that's anything unusual...NOT!*

I'm hoping we have a chance to get that Hallowe'en decorating done tomorrow. Still haven't gotten to it. Clearly.

Testy, Testy, Testy ...

The Mid-Term test for the Tax Pro course was today. I went in a little nervous, but not too horribly so. I did puzzle a goodly bit on several questions, taking what felt like extra time to decide on answers. About half of the other testers finished before I did. But I managed to finish with a 90%! So I'm pretty happy about that.

Remember last week's 2nd "Graded Review"? Well, we weren't able to complete that quiz/test because the system was set to keep it locked until after the mid-term. After I finished my mid-term today, it was unlocked so I went ahead and input my answers for the graded review, as well. Managed a 100% on the review! I'm very happy about that.

Now ... to keep making respectable passing grades over the next several weeks ...

An hour after class next Wednesday, I have an interview with another office manager at H&R for the Tax Pro position. Normally, the District Manager does them, but she's unavailable next week so this other lady is standing in for her. I was rather hoping to interview with my own office manager, since we know each other and I'm quite comfortable with her. But, I'm sure the other manager and I will do fine. Although, I'm not certain just how the whole process is supposed to work between taking and passing the class, working as both receptionist and tax pro, interviewing with a different manager than the one I'm planning to continue with, and so on.

But I'm not going to worry about all that jazz. I'm just going to breath deeply and keep my attention on the learning.

Eating Out

A visiting out-of-town friend (P) took us out for dinner Monday evening. We met at an Applebee's which is a restaurant we've rarely indulged in. The meal was excellent and I was a good girl, keeping Heart Healthy in mind with a nice garden salad followed by grilled chicken and shrimp sizzle dinner. Very tasty and satisfying. The applechimicheesecake dessert that P and I split was deliciously decadent, but--since we each only had a half--we could feel justified in enjoying. P counseled against licking the plate (I mean ... they drizzle caramel ALL OVER the plate! How else are you gonna get to EAT IT?). She did relent and agree I could smear my finger around the caramel and melted ice cream and lick it from there. Did I mention the applechimicheesecake is served ala mode?

The conversation was varied, entertaining, and enjoyed as much as the nummy food.

Sadly, P's husband E had been unable to join her on this trip, staying home to look after ailing dogs. Extra hugs were exchanged both from and for E.

The evening ran away entirely too quickly, and we once again went our separate ways until their next trip to Minnesota. As my morning has also run away on me, I'd best prepare for class and wish you all a fine fall day filled with excellent food and entertaining conversation.

I gotta go play with numbers.

Happy Birthday to Carbonel!

Sending good wishes for a terrific Birthday, carbonel! I hope all goes as near to perfectly as can be.


Ahoy! A-Cruise!

Yesterday, MyJeff and I were the guests of C & K on their boat, cruising a short jaunt down the Mississippi to her meeting with the Saint Croix river and up the St. Croix to a bit past Kinnickinnic State Park. Although rather windy, the weather provided an excellent autumn afternoon of sunshine and mild temps. Six of us cruised on the Moonlight Manor Too, anchoring about a mile short of Hudson, Wi., for snacks and group conversation before heading back to the MMT's home marina.

The foliage colors are still predominately green, with scatterings of yellow and an occasional burst of orange. But it was a lovely ride. Both rivers are lined with tree covered bluffs, that occasionally deign to allow a beach landing. The homes along the rivers are amazing.

I've heard of the clearly discernable meeting of waters at the confluence of the Mississippi and the St. Croix, but had never seen it before. Check it out:

Just past the island on the right and the first 2 fishing boats the Mississippi water looks more gray than the blue of the St. Croix in the foreground. Sorry the photo is so far from the actual meet-up and not as dramatic as it is in reality. Actually, instead of gray the mighty Miss is rather brown colored. The bridge at the far right of the photo is the Prescott, Wi., railroad bridge.

Sail on ...Collapse )

Freeze, Fur, and Fright!

The water in the bird bath froze last night. It wasn't just a thin little skin of ice on top, either. I managed to break through it with my hand, but it wasn't easy. The birds did chirp what I prefer to believe were a few thank yous at me.

Down at the dog park, the red-wing black birds were noisy in their pretty-chirping way. And little black-capped chickadees were busily chick-chick-chickadeeing their tiny little hearts out. We saw and petted the usual wide variety of dogs from a sweet Great Dane who could sniff my face with very little stretching of his neck to a few friendly Staffordshire Terrier types to a small red-brown and white Boston Terrier. At least it had a Boston's build, but I don't recall seeing a brown one before. At one point, a large young retriever-type was trying to romp with the Staffy from the same pack as the Boston, but the Staffy was shy of the bouncing larger dog and ran away. The relatively tiny Boston charged over and chewed out the retriever in no uncertain terms, sending him running. Shortly after ... the Great Dane trotted past, minding his own business, but the riled-up Boston charged over and yapped at him, too. GD trotted away faster.

We ran a few other errands today, as well. I did a bit more HOMEWORK. And now it's dark outside and the day is nearly over!

*Sigh* I remember when it was still light at 7:30 in the evening. Do you remember that? Heavens! I remember when it was light after 9 p.m.! But that's all gone now. Autumn has arrived and we just have to adapt. Of course ...

That means I get to decorate for HALLOWE'EN! Not that I'll get to do much, but I can do some. Hallowe'en is approaching very quickly. And I'm looking forward to it. BwwaaaaHaaHaaaa

I surely hope we have fire bowl weather on Hallowe'en night.


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