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News Flash for My Brit Friends!
SnowFace Cody
The page for the rainforest has a new petition today.

It's purpose is to encourage the NERC to go with "the internet's chosen mascot" name for the new boat. Yup! They think "Boaty McBoatface" is a great idea for bringing "fun and excitement to climate science".

Hey. I don't make this stuff up. I just report it.
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Happy Birthday, Kaishin108!
SnowFace Cody
May your birthday be filled with fun, friends, beauty, adventure, and joy, kaishin108!

And top quality Chocolate!!!

Superb Saturday
SnowFace Cody
Yesterday's weather was MAGNIFICENT! Sunshine, pleasant warmth, gentle breezes--overall, a nearly perfect Spring Weather day.

We spent the morning and half the afternoon outside working on our yard and Kate's. Surprisingly, only one of her old friends--M--contacted us and showed up to rescue some of her plants. I have no idea what most of the others plan at this point, since we have rain coming down, thunder sounding off from time to time, and more rain coming along after. One of the women originally said she'd have to come either today or another time, but the others who waxed enthusiastic about yesterday will need to take care of themselves at this point.

We pulled a couple of peonies which we moved from Kate's boulevard garden onto our boulevard patch. A couple of tulips and some sage now sit in buckets awaiting my decisions as to WHERE we place them. I'm hoping for an opportunity tomorrow, if my body can handle a little digging on my own while MyJeff is at work.

I REALLY HATE the fact that I can not DO physical things without the breathing and chest pain issues. I WILL make that Stress Echocardiogram appointment tomorrow and get that process moving again. Now that the End of Tax Season Rush is over, I have no need (or excuse) to postpone and plenty of good reasons to "get 'er done!", as they say.

Back to superb things: MyJeff dug and pulled plants, dug and planted plants, scrounged up buckets for transporting same, filled buckets with dirt to fill the holes, and put most of the equipment away. I managed to clip off last year's winter killed stalks, cleared that detritus into garden bags, helped M hoist her chosen plant-age into her tubs, and watered several transplanted plants. Also brought out some of my own over-wintered plants from the house for their first outdoor excursion of the year. We visited with several neighbors who happened by our labors throughout the day which is always one of the best things about the arrival of Spring and yard work activity.

MyJeff and I enjoyed time sitting in the back yard together, sipping coffee and visiting with each other in the morning and catching up with M when she arrived. Late afternoon and evening were dedicated to recovery and relaxation.

Each of You Has My Permission to Smack Me ONCE
SnowFace Cody
I've been extremely lazy and easily distracted lately. Monday was my last day of employment with H&R Block. Did I spend the week finishing my resume update? Applying to temp agencies? Cleaning house? Reading, commenting, and posting to LJ?


Frankly, I'm not certain what I managed to accomplish this week. But I'll get better at dealing with reality over these next days and weeks. Sigh. I promise.

Once upon a time, my best friend was my neighbor Kate. She was physically tiny but large and effective in her personality, her affect on people and the world around her, and her beautiful smile. Cancer stole her away some years ago now. The current owners of her home--although very nice people--are not appreciative of the many flowers she planted in her yard and on the boulevard. They plan to replace them all with grass. With the new neighbors' permission, I've arranged for some of Kate's old friends to come over tomorrow and Sunday to rescue and rehome as many of the threatened plants as we can. It should be a wonderful and a memory-full weekend.

This afternoon, my scavenging friend Sally and I will be tackling this week's target section of Bloomington. I certainly hope I can find a few (at least one or two) reasonably valuable and sellable items that we can manage to load into my van and bring home. Last week I pretty much only acquired small, low value items. Although the Gizmo Furby from the movie "Gremlins" MIGHT sell for $20 or $30 on eBay... I don't have a picture of Gizmo, but will post photos of some of the other things I brought home. Forthwith ...

That waste basket on top of the dog crate might do reasonably well on eBay. It still has the label on the bottom (I forget which trendy store) and was originally priced around $40. That sort of thing tends to blow my mind--40 bucks for a small container to temporarily put used tissues and the hair from your comb into!

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Photos -- Finally
SnowFace Cody
Very tight on time, but MUST get these Crystal/New Hope photos posted before this afternoon's short sortie for loot in Bloomington. The C/NH scavenging was not very productive for me, all-in-all. A few probably worthwhile items, but all still need serious cleaning and some repair. Here are rough photos--remember the "need serious cleaning" comment when you look at these and imagine the potential. Some time in the nebulous future I'll post pics of them cleaned up.

First (for mrdreamjeans), the vintage end tables. I discovered that the top surface of one has been removed--wood finish and leather insert--but the other is still intact:

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Return to Donating and Scavenging
SnowFace Cody
Starting this afternoon, I'll be working at least seven days straight and racking up allllmmost full time hours for the week ending Friday! That many hours doesn't happen often for me and comes close to offsetting the fact that the following week will only include 1 or 2 days of employment depending on whether I'm asked to work that last Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday ... yesterday MyJeff and I donated blood platelets at Red Cross together for the first time! My BP, which has in the past been too high and prevented my donation, was only 122/68!!! YAY! We shared alot of laughter and teasing with the staff and some of the other donors, making the experience more lively and fun than usual. The staff were smiling and getting into the razzing with a good will. MyJeff is interested in continuing the donating on a monthly basis as I'd been doing before the BP and chest pain issues interfered, so we'll be looking to set up a May appointment as soon as we get our schedules planned out for the next few weeks--or at least a reasonable facsimile of "planned". I talked with one of the RNs on duty regarding all the escalated language in the reminder emails about the shortages of platelets and how they're pretty much being sent out the door to hospitals as soon as they are produced. He said it really is that serious right now. Much due to a reduction in available donors, but also because the medical world is shifting the percentages of choosing to use platelets versus whole blood. Apparently, studies are showing that whole blood is not the better choice as often as they thought. Thus the need has increased while the supply has reduced. Not a good trend.

So ... once again, I'll encourage those of you who CAN donate platelets to choose this time of rebirth and resurrection to start or renew the habit of donating. Those of you who are not eligible could try convincing others to step up. I keep trying.                            END OF PSA.                                FOR NOW...

I've not been able to do much more scavenging in the Crystal/New Hope clean up. A short check one day this week which only garnered a very few small items. This coming week will also be difficult, although I hope to get in a couple of hours one or two days. HOWEVER ...


This means I'll probably try dashing down there right after work on Wednesday (3:30) and Thursday (3:00), and likely meetup with friend Sally for a more serious expedition on Friday. Several weeks ago, I requested getting off at 1:00 on this coming Friday. Am hoping MyJeff will be able to participate at least once each week, but his job often keeps him into the evening, or he has to go back out later.

We also need to do serious re-arranging in the garage to make room for the new and eminently more interesting items we are CERTAIN to be bringing home over the next few weeks! I've started a list of steps for making space and hope MyJeff will find time to knock one or two of the tasks off the list while I'm working this afternoon. Especially if he and I can do one or two this morning before I leave to get him in the mood, as it were.

I'm excited.

Can you tell?

Cardinal Morning
SnowFace Cody
The stars now covered by clouds--though they'd glittered wonderfully at 4:15, the temp at 30F with a breeze that brings the "Feels Like" down to 19F, and a surprising quiet still reigning at 6:15. And The Boys and I sitting on the back deck, "just for a few minutes to listen to the bird".

A cardinal singing fit to entertain the angels with his chee-rup chee-rup followed by a liquid warble Mozart's Magic Flute could envy. As though that magical instrument were tumbling joyfully down a series of shallow waterfalls in some delightful country brook.

*sigh* ... And then he flew away.

I wanted to fly with him.

You Won't Believe This ...
SnowFace Cody
Due to an errand I had to run after work this afternoon, I was taking a different, looping route home when I noticed piles of discarded objects sitting at the curb in front of houses. Naturally, I had to detour in order to explore what I saw. For those of you who've been around for a year or more, you probably have a sneaking suspicion regarding what I'm going on about.

Yup, I'd stumbled on the opening day of a 3-suburb city clean up.

Although I wasn't dressed for serious scavenging and--sadly--did not have the tools that would have allowed me to save some nice vintage furniture hardware, I did manage to load up a matched pair of HEAVY-but-cool vintage wood end tables with some nice hardware of their own; a stack of cookbooks and houseplant books; a LARGE plush Panda and a possibly LARGER brown bear; a charming wood tabletop shelving unit; an unopened seed starter kit; some old board games (I just can't resist the darned things); a cute little white duck flower pot that will probably soon hold a few bits of aloe vera; some plastic fencing; and a few other various items. Sadly, the seen-through-the-car-window-while-in-heavy-traffic, seemingly iron and decorative baker's shelf unit that may or may not have still been in good condition was shoved into a garbage truck and crunched while I was going around the block to find a parking spot. Grrrrrrrr. Destroyers!

Anyway, I'll take a few photos tomorrow and get them up here as a sort of preview of SCAVENGE SEASON!!!!!

Apparently, these conjoined suburbs are compressing their clean up into a two week period starting today. Oh, my...

Second Show and More
SnowFace Cody
Star Wars: The Force Awakens still rocks on a second viewing. MyJeff, our friend KZ (with whom we watched it the first time), and I watched it at the low-cost Riverview Theater here in south Minneapolis on Friday night. The widely mixed crowd at Riverview barely missed being sold out and were clearly waiting for the appearances of all major characters, both new and original, since they greeted each with cheers and  applause. Although the film has a few holes here and there and has much in common with the First Three, it is still great fun and I'm looking forward to Episode VIII. Perhaps we'll manage one more viewing at the Riverview, if it stays long enough.

Before the movie, the three of us tried 3 different restaurants all with a long line waiting just to be seated before we found one that didn't. We ended up at Snuffy's Burger and Malt Shoppe and enjoyed our meal, although it wasn't exceptional. Conversation before and during supper and after the movie was entertaining.

Yesterday we did chores and shoved through some of the less pleasant work we'd been procrastinating on. I actually took a nap in the afternoon while MyJeff took The Boys to the dog park. Then we spent late afternoon and evening watching DVDs and streaming other new-to-us shows: including Jessica Jones, Dark Matter, and Masterpiece Mystery's Grantchester.

Today became a gorgeous day with temps around 60 F (15 C) and patches of cloud and sunny sunny sun! I baked strawberry bars, read in the sunshine, picked up the yard, and watched MyJeff groom Vinnie and Arrow. Then we relaxed and watched more films.

Overall, a pretty good weekend. Although I failed to get more items up on eBay. But those strawberry bars are DARNED good, if I do say so myself.

April is Fooling With the Weather ...
SnowFace Cody
About 5:20 this morning, my good boy Vinnie brought me out to the back yard where I could enjoy the brisk wind (28 mph gusts) and the lovely sky.

Ever notice the graduated blues of a pre-dawn sky? From a muted cerulean blue to the medium blue of a Crayola crayon with a shot of vodka mixed in to that same crayon sans vodka to blueberry blue. Very beautiful. Especially with a glowing crescent moon hovering in the southeast, scattered white clouds racing across the changing blues toward the southeast horizon, and the brightest stars sparkling in constellation clusters or in isolated glory.

So pretty.

If only the surface of the deck hadn't been covered by the type of mostly-frozen snow slush that thoroughly and uncomfortably immediately soaks and CHILLS through slipper socks ...

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