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Photos I Haven't Posted
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While smiling up at the prism rainbows on my dining room ceiling this morning, I remembered that I'd taken photos of a double prism rainbow earlier this month with the intent of posting it here. Looking for it in my Desktop Photos file brought me to noticing pics I'd done of our August Flea Market setup at Medina and a couple of interesting plants at the State Fair, intending to post 'em.

So ... catching up on photos:

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What I Haven't Been Posting About
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Although I've not been able to find a replacement job for the auction house, I'm still looking around. And now, the need has grown.

A few weeks ago, the auction owners told us they'd be skipping four auctions throughout the remainder of 2014. Understandably, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve will not be good nights to hold an auction. Last Thursday (a week ago yesterday) was the other skip week. Since this job is only 2 days a week--thus ~ 8 days a month--missing those days hurts. The Christmas/New Year two week period will be a really short paycheck.

At last night's auction, we received more news. In order to try to reduce expenses and increase their small family business profits, (a very reasonable goal, it's true) they're planning to drop the online catalogue at least every other week. Which, of course, means no Monday hours for me. If the uncatalogued auctions go fairly well, I think the catalogues may happen only once a month for the firearms and military memorabilia auction. The odds are pretty high that any photography and/or descriptions for the firearms catalogue will be accomplished without need of me.

But, increasing Craft Fair/Flea Markets and trying some eBay and so on should help. Also I pick up a few hours most weeks helping a lawyer with office bits and pieces.

So I'm feeling a bit down, and not looking forward to figuring out getting by in the upcoming months. We'll find ways to get through. But it ain't gonna be fun.

SnowFace Cody
About half an hour ago, I spotted a pale shred of moon fleeing the approaching sun. So ... we're not yet in "the dark of the moon". Not yet.

Meteors and Musings
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While huddled inside my old hoodie, a filled polar vest, and a faux-sheepskin lined scavenged coat AND under a double polar fleece throw as I lay back on the chaise at the rear of my yard gazing at the sky, my mind wandered almost as much as my eyes tracked back and forth across the stars. I relished the still air despite the mid-30's temps. In the dark of the moon, more stars sparkled out than I've seen in a long time. (Not that the rural dark sky of my native North Dakota had any rival to match, but my current back yard star record certainly improved this early morn.)

From 4:40 until almost 5:00, I watched lovely lights and told myself I didn't NEED shooting stars with a sky this beautiful. I also mentally wrote a couple versions of this LJ post. Begged Orion to show me "just a few" shooting stars ...... "okay, one or two?". I remembered that I'd thought of a couple of really cool phrases for my writing right after I'd gone to bed last night--struggled to pull them back, but couldn't remember what the phrases were. (I know. I know. SMACK!! There, just V-8ed my forehead. Pulled out a notepad to put on the headboard shelf. *Sigh*)

There! Off to the left, above the shed! Close to 5 a.m., a tiny, tiny flash zipped by. Yay. That's one. Ten minutes or so later our back door opened, MyJeff herded the dogs outside, grabbed a jacket and joined us. The Boys 3 galloped over to my call and gave me plenty of soft fur to warm my hands. MyJeff wandered around me, giving me good conversation, and craning his head to watch above. Over the next 45 minutes or so, we talked sky, weather, stars, dogs, god, the devil, atheism, Christianity, and other religious outlooks. Our hopes for an afterlife of some kind. A college radio play I'd done lo, these many decades ago, on similar subjects. And so on.

At 5:20, I saw a bright streak spread across the sky over the neighbor's garage. Sometime during our conversation, MyJeff saw two tiny spark-flashes that I missed. Shortly before 6:00 a.m., we gathered up our mugs, cushions, and the dogs, and came inside.

I had my "one or two" meteors. Also, I had a wonderfully peaceful time watching sparkling stars in their slow parade. MyJeff actually left his warm bed at Oh-Dark:thirty to join me in the chill dark of the back yard. Any wonder that I love him? We shared entertaining talk. Warm coffee and warm dog fur...

What a great start to today!

Absent, But Thinking of You and Shooting Stars!
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Computer issues have prompted my absence from LJ for several days, and I'm sorry I've missed commenting and posting for so long. Spent most of yesterday hanging with a long system backup, OS upgrade, and futile attempts to find and upload a Safari upgrade. Grrrrr.

But this early morning is magnificent from my back deck and I will not allow Tech to ruin my pleasure in the beauty overhead and the mild weather. Moon is the barest curve of silver luminescence, playing hide and seek behind a neighbor's tree. Orion and his Gemini friends are bold (to borrow puddleshark's term) near the southern horizon. This morning I learned the name of one very bright star I've often noticed and wondered about. Below Orion, part of the ((correcting thanks to puddleshark's gentle accuracy)) Canis Major constellation (not that I can make out Orion's dogs per se) is Sirius. Bright and beautiful. ((Think I have it right now. :~} ))

I learned this from the Orionids article and star map to be found at the first link below. Tomorrow's early morning is the best time to watch for the Orionid meteor shower. I didn't mange to see any shooting stars during the few minutes I watched this morning, but hope to be out on the folding chaise under a blanket earlier tomorrow morning watching at least some of the 20 meteors per hour that supposedly shoot through on average. The article suggests a couple of hours before sunrise for watching, which isn't horribly near the middle of the night. Although I doubt I'll be able to convince MyJeff, the night owl, to crawl out of bed for a back yard star adventure with me at 4:30 or 5 in the morning. I've also included the URL for Weather Underground which gives local info including sun and moon rise and set, when you find your local weather station.

Just to check it out, I hopped on over to the Heathrow Airport weather station in venerable London, UK. Looks like our temperatures will be similar, but London will--sadly--be cloudy and rainy. I hope my English and other European friends will have better sky viewing in the morning than Londoners will.

Good luck to any who choose to brave the predawn hours to watch for Orionid shooting stars.

My First Writers' Play Day . . .
SnowFace Cody
. . . Didn't really happen. Of the six other women writers who signed up to participate, one contacted me fairly quickly to apologize and explain she'd overlooked that her trip out of state fell over this last weekend. After I sent a reminder email to the remaining five a week ahead of time, I received an email, a phone call, and an in-person: "Won't be able to make it after all." This left 2 plus me. I sent the remaining 2 a heads up email so they wouldn't be too surprised at the small turnout. Another email reply apologized for forgetting to let me know that she had a funeral to attend on Saturday. This left Sally--my featured speaker--and me.

A one-on-one is NOT what I had in mind. Not what I had hoped for.


Our friend Keith, who had agreed to assist MyJeff in waiting on the attendees of the Writers' Play Day, picked up Sally at her apartment Saturday morning and drove her to an Old Country Buffet where we met them and shared a long, chat-filled breakfast. Sally gifted me a book by Julia Cameron titled "The Right to Write" which she told me is not about How To Write, but rather about the pleasures of writing. A quote from the back cover: "We should write because writing is good for the soul."

KeithSallyVal @ OCB

Keith, Sally, and me at OCB. MyJeff is behind the camera.

After fortifying ourselves with a couple/few trips through the various breakfast buffet offerings, MyJeff and Sally drove to our place to pick up The Boys 3 while Keith and I drove straight to the dog park. Much more chatting occurred. We all walked the dog park, laughing at canine antics--except when MyJeff and I were calling things like: "Shadow! Come back here! Shadow, stay out of the swamp!!!!"

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SnowFace Cody
May the softest, brightest, strongest, and best threads of your life spin together to create a perfect day for your birthday!

I Caught My Glimpse
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I woke around 3:30 a.m. yesterday (Tuesday the 8th) and my contrary brain wouldn't let me get back to sleep. So, Arrow and Shadow and I were in the back yard before 4:30. I was busy gazing at Orion in the clear sky when that contrary brain I mentioned said, "HEY, DUMMY! Today's the eclipse! Get to the front yard!"

I did spend a bit of time peering at the moon through the leaves of our silver maple before I walked past to get a clear look. Moon was very bright and somewhere between half and a third covered at that time. So I stood in the front yard, leaning on the fence and smiling at the moon while Arrow snuffled around following errant odors and Shadow reclined in the grass near me. Quite peaceful even in the city at that hour.

This morning The Boys 3 and I stayed in the back yard. I sat sipping coffee and star-gazing. Shadow lay on the deck near me. Arrow and Vinnie browsed in the grass. Crisp air, barely above freezing but the breezes of the last few days have stilled and--again--quiet. Lovely.

Mostly Cloudy -- No Eclipse Glimpse
SnowFace Cody
The western horizon has rather thick gray clouds, so no peek at the Lunar Eclipse for me. I hope the folks further west got a good look.

Today I'm doing home office work for a friend of mine. Tomorrow afternoon I have training for Election Judge duties. Yup. I'm going to do the long day at the polls thing. Need to get myself an absentee ballot, now that I think of it.

Sunday's writer's critique group went pretty well. I didn't submit anything to this group yet, but may do so next month. This Saturday is--of course--my Play Day and I'm looking forward to it. Even if I'm not entirely prepared. Then, this Sunday is the first gathering of a science fiction/fantasy discussion group at the Chatterbox pub a couple/few blocks from my house.

Must find a way to balance out both writing and selling while working a couple of part time jobs and still do a decent job at home. Sigh. How do people with children keep up with all those extra committments?

EDIT:  SILLY ME!! I just looked at the calendar ... today is only the 7th, TOMORROW is the eclipse. I still might get to see something tomorrow morning. Sometimes I lose track of where and when I am--thus far, I've been able to remember the Who.

SnowFace Cody
At 6:45 this morning, I was scraping frost off the minivan's windshield and windows. *Sigh* At least it wasn't thick and hard to scrape. I guess Fall has fallen with intent to stay.

MyJeff and I spent yesterday working on disassembling some of the stacks and piles of clutter on the main floor of our house in preparation for next Saturday's Writers' Play Day. We each cleared a corner or so of our chosen room. 3 corners in each room to go . . .

Today I'm planning to attend a writing critique group and still must read and critique 3 good-sized submissions. Therefore:

Hiyo, Li'l Guy! Awaaa-aayy!!!

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