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Weekend Whirlwind
SnowFace Cody
The weekend has been powering by with a mind-muddling mish mash of events.

On work: The President of The Company and his entourage visited our little office shortly before noon on Friday. We'd been told he'd be stopping in and everyone had been cleaning and organizing and generally preparing for his visit for a couple of days. It paid off. He told our Office Manager that ours was one of the best office visits he'd ever done! And...after the visitors left, I answered a phone call from a New Client and--being of a suspicious nature not to mention a conscientious individual--took care to follow all the specific particulars of How To Handle Setting An Appointment Over The Phone. Finally, the caller confessed to being a "mystery caller" rather than an actual client. Not only a mystery caller, but our District Manager's boss whom I had just met a few minutes earlier as the President and his entourage exited our office. He even congratulated me for "hitting it out of the park". Whew!

Happy with the results of the visit, our Office Manager ordered pizza for everyone in the office for lunch.

Later, I received a second call that turned out to also be a "mystery shopper" from a different office in the area. This time I had no suspicions of the caller, but fortunately, all the preferred guidelines were hopping up and down in my brain demanding to be let out to play again. This caller called me a jewel. Isn't that sweet? *blushing and smirking going on in equal measure here*

Saturday we ran errands, did grocery shopping, and had a friend drop over for a visit and stay for supper. The three of us all hovered in the kitchen visiting while MyJeff and I shared the cooking duties for roasting a chicken with apple, thyme, and ginger; and rice with celery. I'd never cooked rice and celery together before but we decided on a what the heck basis. It tasted fine, but I think--with a little tweaking--this dish could be a new St. Patrick's Day offering.

Somewhere in the previous few days, I had a couple more sales from eBay, including the only coat we've managed to list. We have to get moving on posting more items REAL SOON NOW as we're down to only two still up there. Don't get me wrong--this is a good thing! But it will be an even GOODER THING (yes, I do know, you know) to have more items coaxing in bids and buys and money to pay my bills! I've been working on that today, but not quite ready to post 'em up there. And I'm running out of steam ... need to relax with my book, and maybe a little America's Funniest Videos.

Today was laundry, cleaning, writing sales copy, photographing and researching items, and other household chores besides. MyJeff and The Boys had a nice run at the dog park. Arrow came home with a found tennis ball, which always excites and pleases him.

The winter thaw we've been experiencing over the last few days is ending. We'll have lows below 0 for the next 3 days. I am wearing a sweater AND a cardigan to work tomorrow! And moving to the couch to watch AFV now!

Snow Photos
SnowFace Cody
I managed a few photos of the snow yesterday.

In the very early a.m., the flash reveals radioactively glowing snowflakes of large size with my poor snow-laden Little Cedar in the background.

More photos ...Collapse )

SnowFace Cody
According to my highly technical scientific analysis--shoving a ruler into the snow piled on the top of the deck's railing, yesterday's snowstorm dumped about 6 inches of snow in our back yard. The Official reports say 10 inches in downtown Minneapolis, which isn't far from our humble home and is probably much more accurate than the Railing Accumulation Methodology. Current temps are pretty reasonable at 19F (minus 7 or 8C), so says The Thermometer Outside My Kitchen Window.

My boss suggested I leave work early yesterday afternoon since I have a longer drive than most of the staff, and freeways were already at the "parking lot" stage. Fortunately for me, most of my route moved along quite well--much more slowly than normal, of course, but that was due to MOST drivers being sensible enough to NOT go 60 mph on the slippery interstate freeway. We did keep moving at 30-40 mph, while the reverse direction sat at the creeping-along backup stage for my 10 miles or so on the freeway and as far further as I could see when I exited to city streets.

Now we get to do it in reverse.

Branches of the cedar tree outside my dining room window droop from the snow-load, although the wind manages to bounce them around a bit. Hopefully, I'll post some photos later.

Must go rouse MyPoorJeff and start clearing the cars and the driveway.

Grrrrr ... Time is a Rat Fink!
SnowFace Cody
It promises to give enough of itself to let me get all most of the things I have lined up done. Then it scuttles off into the shadows and disappears!

Thus, this will be much shorter (as well as 24 hours later) than I'd planned.

Saturday was one of the best days we've had in a long time. In the morning, we met up with our friends Keith and Sally and spent hours around a table at Old Country Buffet catching up, "discussing" politics, commiserating where appropriate, and celebrating the celebratory-worthy things. We've not been able to spend time with either of them in something approaching 2-3 months, so this gathering was great fun.

Sally had to head off on her own pursuits, but we 3 remaining rolled along to watch a matinee showing of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" which we'd been trying to do since around Christmas. WHAT FUN!!! Admittedly, they may have taken some of the nostalgia bits [read: bits stolen from the 1st Star Wars film(s)]--they may have taken some of that further than I found necessary or additive to the enjoyment of the film. But: What The Hell! It was FUN! A good attitude throughout. Good effects. Good humor. Good characters, old and new.

We WILL be buying this. And I DO want to go back to see it on Big Screen again.

Am definitely looking forward to the next one.

Sunday: I cleaned and worked on other household and internet projects. Watched a DVD and one Public Television program. Read some in my current book, which is the SEVENTH in a series. I do think this series may be going on a bit, if you know what I mean. It is still good reading, but ...

Grrr ... Time just scuttled away again. I've got to get ready for work. Rat Fink!

Woods, Work, and Star Wars
SnowFace Cody
While scanning some New York Times headlines this morning, I came across an interesting article on a German Forest Ranger/Author. I think--somehow--I've got to get my hands on his book when an English version is available. You woods-walkers out there might be particularly interested in this article, too.

Work is ramping up into the first peak of the tax season and going fairly well for me. MyJeff is finding satisfaction and an optimistic outlook with his new job, as well.

If plans don't slam headlong into granite walls or get distracted into any Weirding Woods pathways to nowhere, we should be able to FINALLY see "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" today. Fingers are crossed (when I'm not typing).

Five in a Row, Shining Through
SnowFace Cody
Here's something interesting. The image below comes from the Facebook page of the Minnesota Astrological Society and illustrates a very cool and rare phenomenon now occurring. I hope it doesn't mess up anyone's page, but I don't know just how to make it smaller.

According to the Society's information, the best time to view all 5 planets in the sky at once here in Minnesota is between 6:30 and 6:45 a.m. That's not horribly early, kids. You can do it! The difficult part is that Mercury will be so close to the horizon that I won't be able to see it due to all the horizon clutter here in the middle of Minneapolis. This line up continues until about February 20th and hasn't happened since 2005.

Maybe we locals should schedule an early morning expedition outside of the city to view the stars and then do an inexpensive breakfast place on one of the next few weekends .... Anybody? ... Hellllooooo ... Is anyone still out there? Where'd everybody go? ... Strange. I thought for certain someone was out there reading this. ... Sigh.

Aannnd ... We're OFF!
SnowFace Cody
BusyBusy day at the tax office today. Plenty of clients coming in and even more calling in--several at once. Some callers wanted to reschedule their next week's appointments to today or tomorrow since they'd received all the documents they'd been waiting on. We accommodated all that we could, although we did not have a full docket of Tax Pros in the office yet. But our team did just fine.

The first peak rush has started.

MyJeff was asked to report at 2:00 this afternoon for the new Legal Courier job. He figured they'd have him sign papers and read company policies and such today. Apparently, he did do a little of that, but then they sent him on a couple of runs--which he hadn't expected yet--and he got 'er done! Then we met up at the mechanic's where they'll be working on Natasha tonight. Tomorrow I'll drop him off over there to pick up Natasha at 7:30 a.m., then I head to work for a longish half day. He's thinking he might have a half day, as well, since the mechanic won't get some of the needed parts until tomorrow, and he'll have to take Natasha back over for the rest of the repairs in the afternoon.

Our poor puppy boys will be disappointed to be left home alone so early in the morning. They'll need to get used to more time home without us, but tomorrow's schedule will require feeding them earlier! Horrors! Messing with their feeding time ... how could we? ... uh, wait a minute ... we'll be feeding them SOONER than usual. Ah. Yes. And rightly so. About time us two-leggers move things in the proper direction...
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A New Endeavor
SnowFace Cody
MyJeff accepted a job offer on Friday. He'll be working deliveries again, but this time it will be focused on the legal profession. Summons deliveries and other legal documentation transport is my current understanding. This means a smart phone, car repairs, and some "new" clothing. Eventually ... a newer car.

Of course, we do not buy NEW clothing. Saturday we went to our favorite Saver's store and spent much too long finding some jeans and dress slacks for MyJeff and a couple of employer-acceptable outfits for me. Spent more money than we can really afford just now, but much much less than we would have anywhere else. The HHR (Natasha) needs a headlight replaced which entails pretty much removing the front fender to get at the headlight, thus it takes a mechanic, as well as more time and money than it ought to. She also needs the blower for her heater repaired. MyPoorJeff has been dealing with no discernible heat in his vehicle for a while now.

He'll be going in to the office this afternoon to sign papers and handle the other details of starting up a new job. This is another Independent Contractor position which we'd hoped to avoid, but he's anxious to start earning an income again.

More new beginnings. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Signal Boost for Card Drawing/Readings
SnowFace Cody
My friend wyld_dandelyon is offering card drawings at her LJ site. She is a talented artist, writer, musician, and more. You, my other friends, might find her readings interesting. You can check her out here:

I'll be requesting a reading, and I'm even planning to use a tiny bit of the eBay sales money in Paypal to tip her. Now there's a first for me.

Nothin' Much Natters
SnowFace Cody
My life has been pretty centered on settling in with the job at H&R Block and nudging at home chores for the last couple of weeks. Not really exciting. Things are going well enough at work, with the tax refund season actually beginning to kick-in and the first session of "peak time" appointments starting to build up. My hours still haven't settled down entirely, nor have we gotten much beyond half-time scheduling. But this is only the third week, so I'm not too discouraged yet.

MyJeff had an interview yesterday and he is hoping that he'll get the go-ahead when the employer contacts him this Friday. He tells me it sounds quite exciting--even if it is back to Independent Contractor and delivery. The "delivery" in this instance will mostly be legal summonses as the job is as a process server. Not what we'd been hoping for for him, but finances dictate ...

The Boys are their usual sweet, fuzzy selves. With the just-past cold snap, they haven't been to the dog park for a few days to get some good running exercise and are a little bit squirrely. Today is supposed to be in the low 20s F with light snow falling, and I'm pretty sure MyJeff will be taking Arrow and Vinnie for a good play/run session.

Speaking of "squirrely" ... On the clickforgood site this morning, I saw an announcement that today is "Squirrel Appreciation Day". Unnhhhhh ... Excuse me? I mean, I agree that squirrels can be cute little guys and all, but an official day of appreciation for fuzzy, bulb-stealing, house-and-wire chewing, garden-raiding, bird feeder decimating rodents? Really?

Haven't been getting new stuff up on eBay very regularly. Currently down to only 2 items. Need to finish writing up a couple of those coats, at least, and get them up for this weekend. As in: BEFORE WINTER IS OVER! Also have a pair of women's ice skates I can post as soon as we get them boxed and weighed for the shipping info.

I need to remember to stop by the library on my way home this afternoon to pick up books I requested. I've been reading purely for fun and entertainment, mostly science fantasy with a few mysteries tossed in to break things up some. Thus far, I've managed 6 books in 2016. Now, if I could only fire up the creativity to finish a fantasy story or two of my own ...


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